Sunday, 6 October 2013

This is our human tram and just one of the many weird and wonderful things I got up to over my nine days and nights of fresher repping. First of all, I feel so lucky that I got to be a part of it all, as I initially didn't apply to be a rep. It's almost fate that it happened because I had the best experience and met some of the most amazing people who I know I'll be friends with for a long time. It was a mix of emotions purely because of the long days, long nights, alcohol consumption and lack of sleep. There were times when we were all tired and hungover and couldn't be bothered, but remembering the funny things that happened the night before lifted our spirits and we were back to having a laugh again. 

A brief introduction if you didn't read my other post - there were 580 reps in total and each group were assigned to a different accommodation. Each group of reps helped their freshers move in, took them to inductions, pre-drank with them, guided them to the venues, partied with them, looked after them when drunk and made sure they were having a good time. In a nutshell, reps are there to fill in the gap during the transition from having people around you 24/7, to being surrounded by swarms of people you've never met before. Some of the funny things I encountered included taking a drunk fresher home while she was crying and saying she hated everyone. I had to put her into her PJs because she was so intoxicated and unfortunately saw her vagina in the process. Another funny one was a boy who was so drunk he asked to go to Hong Kong when asked where he lived.

I was fortunate enough to be placed within the loveliest group. Our head rep was so lovely and so understanding, especially when I felt horrendously ill and he let me go home early (thanks Gary). Emma, Grace, I formed a very special friendship and spent the majority of the week cuddling and singing 'we're the three best friends that anyone could have'. Rikesh was also part of our close knit group, he was on the same wavelength as us all and we just really got on. The others in the group were all lovely, but those are the three I was probably closest to. We weren't just restricted to our halls, we made friends with other reps from other halls which was all part of the fun.

Some of my other friends were also fresher repping so it was so nice to see them on nights out too. We'd all excitedly jump on each other and try and fill each other in on what we'd been up to. In all honestly, some of the days and nights have merged into one because it was so full on. Going round halls in the daytime taking freshers to inductions, being out from around 6pm until around 3am with all the other reps and freshers and then getting up at 8am for a morning meeting was tiring to say the least. I was poorly in the middle of the week, managed to recover with a generous dose of Day Nurse and plenty of rest and then got ill on the last day. Not really ill, just a general cold and cough from being run down and overtired.

It's really hard to explain how much fun I had because there was a full nine days and nights worth of chatting, partying and repping. Although I'm absolutely knackered and slept for the best part of two days afterwards, I wouldn't change it for the world. I already want to do it next year and just hope the tops are a little nicer than canary yellow. It's safe to say you could spot us from a mile off. On a final note, it was also nice knowing that all we were doing was helping the new freshers settle in. It can be a completely daunting time for some people as it's a huge step and difficult to adjust. If I made one person's day a little easier by showing them the way to enrol, or made them feel a little less alone by chatting to them, then it's all been worthwhile.

Have you ever heard of fresher repping before? Is it something you'd ever consider doing?


  1. I really loved this post and think you all pull off the canary yellow tops hah! We had a similar thing at my uni but I don't think they helped people move in, pre-drank with anyone or made sure they were okay. Yours sound a lot more fun. I'm in third year now, so I wouldn't get a shot at doing it, but if I wasn't and if I lived on campus I'd probably do it. I'm glad you had a lot of fun!

  2. Aw thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! It was really fun, and also really helpful for all the freshers I hope. Third year are allowed to do it at my uni so maybe you could do it at yours? I'd really recommend it as it's such an incredible experience!X