Sunday, 20 October 2013

The lovely Emily from British Beauty Addict tagged me in an Autumn tag post that she did and I couldn't pass it up because I love a good tag post. It's the best way to be nosy and see what other people like and dislike, so here goes...

Favourite thing about Autumn? 
What with the horrible weather, I love cosying up in front of the TV with a blanket and a cup of tea. Keeping warm in fluffy socks and big oversized jumpers is a must. Another thing I love is the festive season which is one of the best things about the colder months without a doubt. I love all the pretty lights and atmosphere.

Favourite drink? 
It has to be tea. I love tea, especially when it's cold. Whether it's in the morning, throughout the day or in the evening, you'll more than likely always find me with a cup of tea when it's cold. When I'm shopping and stop at Starbucks or Costa, I do tend to go for a hot chocolate over tea. Tea is more of a home thing for me as you can't beat a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

Favourite scent?
I've never really thought of having difference scents for different seasons. At the moment I'm switching between Sarah Jessica Parker New York, Vera Wang Princess Knight and Chanel Chance. Maybe I should invest in an Autumn perfume? Suggestions? If this question isn't specifically perfume related then in terms of general scents then I love vanilla. I might invest in a vanilla reed diffuser for my bedroom.

Best lipstick? 
Sometimes I do like to stick to a nude lip in which case I'll opt for Rimmel Kate Moss 103. But if I'm going for a bold vampy lip then it would have to be Rimmel Kate Moss 107. I am looking for a more of a plum coloured lipstick so maybe I'll keep an eye out for one. If you know of any shades that are perfect for autumn then please let me know in the comments.

Go to moisturiser?
At the moment I'm loving the Clinique moisturiser I use as part of my three step routine, although I am starting to introduce the L'Oreal Triple Active Day Multi Protection Moisturiser into my skincare routine in the morning to try and savour my Clinique one. I'm also lusting after the Origins GinZing because I love the packaging and it smells incredible.

Go to colour for eyes?
I'm not much of an eyeshadow gal on a daily basis, but when I do wear it on the odd day or on a night out I stick to neutrals. I love the Heaven and Earth MUA Palette and go for creams, minks, browns and golds. I'm not much of a matte fan and tend to go for shimmers. Apart from that I stick to black eyeliner on the top of my eyelid and black mascara.

Favourite band/singer to listen to?
Not much of a seasonal question apart from the fact there are some songs that you do asociate with summer, not so much autumn and winter though. My music taste doesn't really change all year round but at the minute I'm loving some of the chart music. Yep, I'm a chart girl at heart and don't really listen to many bands if I'm honest.

Favourite outfit to wear?
Ooh this is a hard one. I'm very much a jeans and converse type of girl but I am getting into boots as of late. In these cold months I'd probably say a pair of trusty Topshop Leigh jeans, black chelsea boots, a warm knitted jumper and my big green parka for warmth purposes. I also like to accessorise with gloves, scarves and cute woolly headbands in autumn and winter.

Autumn treat?
Lots of junk food of an evening while I'm curled up in front of the TV. In terms of a shopping treat, probably a cosy new pair of slippers or a fluffy dressing gown to make sure I'm really warm. I absolutely hate being cold so wrapping us is an essential for me. 

Favourite place to be?
This is a hard one because it's such a broad question. I'm a home bird so I love being at home spending time with my family, but I also have a great life at university so I enjoy being there. In terms of holidays, somewhere hot with sand, sea and sun. UK wise? Cornwall. My family have friends there who we visit every year so it's a place very close to my heart.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this, do you enjoy tag posts? What are your favourite and least favourite things about Autumn? I'd love to know.

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