Sunday, 29 September 2013

Are you ready for this? This is my first ever satchel. Okay, I know I might be a bit behind the times as satchels are everywhere at the moment, but I'm more of a big bag on the arm kind of girl. Saying that, after achy arm syndrome hit hard during a recent shopping trip, I knew I had to downsize and buy something a little more practical for every day use. It was a complete coincidence that while watching Zoella's back to school YouTube video, she showed this exact satchel, and that ladies, is when I fell in love.

I headed over to the ASOS website straight away and took full advantage of the 20% student offer they had going on, in which I bagged this beauty for a mere £24 inc p&p. Copycat I know, but I just couldn't help myself. I did scour the web a little, but I couldn't find one that I liked as much. The tan/chestnut colour is so versatile and I've paired it with almost all of my outfits so far. It's really handy for uni because I can just pop a few bits in and it's also ideal for shopping.

There's a practical little pocket just underneath the fold over flap which is great when you're in a rush. I usually slide my phone and flat key card in there if I haven't got time to put my phone in the designated phone pocket. I also put things that I'm going to be getting out a lot in there like lip balm and a compact mirror. I like the magnetic clip because it takes zero effort to secure the bag - no faffing around with zips which is great.

I usually drape the long strap over my shoulder just for ease. It's a pretty sturdy strap so I doubt I'll have any problems with it breakage wise. It's adjustable so depending on your height and where you want it to sit, you're pretty much free to play around until it suits you. As well as the long strap, there's a small one at the top if you prefer to carry it instead. 

Just two more things I want to point out before loving and leaving you - the super cute scallop detail and gold plated edge. These two minor details add a sense of sophistication to the bag and make it that little bit more interesting. It might sound silly to zoom in on such things, but I think it just makes the satchel. I think with this satchel, less is more, and it's a nice safe classic option which I'm sure I'll be getting plenty more use out of.

Do you have a satchel? What do you like most about yours?


  1. I nearly bought this too after watching her video! But I got two saddle bags for my birthday in July one lilac and one white... I have more bags than I do shoes! Haha!

    1. Haha we are definitely long lost twins! Haha more bags than shoes, that's impressive!X

  2. It's ok, I've yet to make my first satchel purchase despite loving them so much. :(
    ASOS and Topshop have so many gorgeous satchels that I want to pick them all up!
    This satchel is too cute--love the scallops!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  3. ¨Can you send the exact link to where you bought it please? xx