Which Tan Will Take The Title?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tanning is a hot topic for us bloggers and we're constantly trying to find a tan which looks natural, applies easily and doesn't leave a lingering biscuit smelll. And let me tell you... it's hard. I've gradually moved away from fake tan and generally rely upon gradual tan to give me that natural pinch of colour I desire. I've tried and tested a range of gradual and instant tans to see whether they live up to the mark, and here's how they did...

St Tropez Everyday Perfect Legs
St Tropez has to be one of the most reliable tans around. On the rare occasion that I get a spray tan, I always go for St Tropez and it never fails to impress. I got this St Tropez Perfect Legs as part of a St Tropez kit for my birthday a fairly long time ago and only recently rediscovered it in and among the many beauty products I have hiding away in different places. I used it straight after I found it and was pleasantly surprised at how well it has lasted. I remember loving it when I first got it and I still love it now. The more up to date version is the St Tropez Everyday Tanning Spray but you can get the one I have for around £10 on various websites if you pop the name into Google. This tan has two pumps, one which is a moisturiser, and one which is a tan. The role of the moisturiser is to tone the colour down and give an everyday natural look. Application is fairly easy but it does require thorough rubbing in because the tan isn't very slippery and has a slight thickness to it, so rubbing in is key. All in all a nice product if you want an instant but subtle punch of colour.

No 7 Perfectly Bronzed Quick Dry Tinted Lotion
This No7 tan is meant to give an instant hint of colour and can be built upon for a deeper shade... apparently. I was really disappointed with No7 on this one as the colour really didn't take to my skin. After applying a couple of coats I still felt as if no colour had transferred onto my legs or arms so felt it was incredibly pointless as I couldn't see any results. My mum on the other hand got on well with this product and it gave her the natural glow she was after. Tanning is usually unique to the individual and just because it works for one person doesn't mean it will work for everyone. I wouldn't repurchase this purely because it's around £12 which I think is a complete waste of money considering I didn't feel I benefited from it. A no-go in my books.

L'oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Fresh Feel Gel
This tan has to be my absolute favourite. It is the best part of £9 in Boots, but I think it's worth every penny. I apply it at night and it dries almost instantly, none of that awkward stickiness. The next morning I was left with the most gorgeous colour on my legs and even my mum complimented my tanning techniques. Having played around with this tan previously, the trick is to apply one coat only. If you apply two or three as with some tans, you turn very patchy and the colour turns from golden to grotty. One coat really is enough, and you only need to top up in three or four days once it starts to fade. I love the fact that this tan is in a gel form because it makes it extra easy to apply and distribute evenly. Be really careful when finishing up and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly to avoid the transfer of colour inbetween your fingers. For a really gorgeous and natural colour, I would definitely recommend this tan. It's also suitable for your face which is a bonus.

St.Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse 
This instant tan is likely to be recommended by pretty much any beauty blogger. It's probably the most affordable instant tan on the market and gives great results. I never use it for the day time but I will use it in preparation for a night out. I'm trying to gradual tan in advance to achieve a more natural colour for an evening look, but the St Moriz is a quick and easy option if I am looking a bit pale and need a quick fix. This tan comes in a mousse, gel and spray form, but I tend to stick to the mousse because I feel it spreads more evenly. It's around three pounds which is ridiculously cheap, and the vast majority of people who use it are happy with the finish. It's my definite go-to instant tan. You can get this tan in light, medium or dark so it's suitable whether you have fairer or darker skin.

Dove Summer Glow Moisturising Lotion
This is all in all a lovely product and gives a natural finish once applied a few days on the trot. It isn't as instant as the L'oreal Sublime Bronze where you see the results the next day, but if you stick at it then it's worth the wait. My boyfriend even complimented my nice 'natural glow' about a month or so ago which was down to Dove. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed as he isn't really clued up on all things beauty. The only issue I have with this tan however is the stickiness. Once I've applied it at night I really have to let it dry for a good 15/20 minutes so it doesn't stick to my sheets. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable waiting around for it to set, but apart from that I think Dove have done a good job. It's currently half price in Superdrug so I'll definitely be stocking up for summer.

What gradual or instant tans are your favourite?


  1. My fave out of these is the Dove but i do agree it can feel a little sticky x


    1. Yeah I'm not too keen on the stickiness! I'll check your blog out :) x

  2. Defiantly St.Moritz! I remember finding this 3 years ago for just £2.50 in a cheap drugstore and I used it all the time and before I knew it everyone was using it and its now everywhere! Brilliant colour, long lasting and if applied properly doesn't streak! I'm currently loving St Tropez everyday gradual tan but with the weather we are having currently, who needs fake tan?!?!?!


    1. Completely agree with your comments about no steaks if applied properly! And exactly, I'd much rather get a natural tan from the English sunshine than fake up!