Summer Drink // Soda Water, Lime Cordial and Elderflower

Thursday, 11 July 2013

I love nothing more than an ice cold refreshing drink when the sun is shining and I'm outside. I don't really find Coke thirst-quenching and normally opt for a lemonade or lemonade and lime, but I've found a new drink with a slight twist which hits the spot while you're soaking up those summer rays. Elderflower may not sound like the nicest thing to add to a drink, but it takes away the pinch of the lime and slightly changes the taste of the drink. Apparently it's meant to look like champagne if you pour it into a wine glass, so it's also a good idea if you're on a no drinking diet and don't want the hassle of people asking you why you're not drinking.

It's actually a very easy and cheap drink to make as it doesn't require the finest brands of fluids. I use Tesco own soda water and lime and Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Cordial which is the best part of three pounds. A little more expensive than the other two ingredients, but it doesn't exactly break the bank. It is supposed to make 10 pints so there's plenty to go around, especially if you're having a BBQ or garden party with friends and family. If you're not a soda water fan then you can swap it for lemonade, but I find soda water to be a little lighter and not as bloating.

Simply fill your glass up to around the 3/4 mark with soda water and then add a dash of lime and a dash of elderflower. Use a straw or a mixer to stir the drink so all the ingredients combine - this is to avoid all the taste being on the surface so the drink doesn't lose any flavour as you get near the bottom. Although before my granded passed away he was never meant to drink much, so my mum would always pour a small amount of vodka in to the top of his drink but would never stir it. This way he thought it was stronger than it actually was - cheeky. I cut a normal straw so it fit in the glass and enjoyed sipping it the sunshine, but you can also add ice or a little decorative umbrella if you want to make it look a little bit more fancy. If you want even more of a kick then add a splash of vodka if you're feeling naughty.

What's your favourite summer drink?

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