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Friday, 5 July 2013

After falling off the face of the earth for a couple of weeks, I am officially back! I've managed to find a balance between work and play and if I take full advantage of the little wonder that is scheduled posts, my blog will be back to its old self in no time. After my week of work experience I threw myself straight into full-time work and I actually like being a working lady. Knowing that I'm getting paid for working hard and have the pleasure of sharing an office with a bunch of lovely people, is just perfect. It may not be my ideal job on a big glossy magazine, but it's working for me right now and has slotted in nicely to my summer. One of my friends from uni is currently travelling round the world this summer and she keeps me updated by sending me pictures and blogging. When I woke up to a picture of the Sydney Opera House I wished I had done the same and gone galavanting round the world - how amazing does it look!? 

I've been trying to eat a little healthier since being home and my parents are on a healthy eating kick so I enjoyed one of my dad's speciality dishes. Seasoned chicken with sweet potato wedges, a jacket potato and roasted vegetables - delicious. Since being back I've hardly had two minutes to myself as I've been trying to catch up with everyone in between work experience and starting my job. Last weekend me and the girls went out for drinks which was lovely. It's so weird going out back home compared to being in a massive city - nonetheless we had a lovely time. As I said in my post on Wednesday I'm staying with my sister in the week as she drives me to work. She has a little Jack Russel puppy who is just adorable. He is a cheeky little thing but I love him all the same, although he seems to think my pillow is his new bed!

Back to the whole healthy eating thing, I've been having pitta, houmous and cucumber batons for lunch. It's actually so tasty as well as stupidly quick and easy so it's perfect if you just need to grab a quick bite to eat. Last weekend I went to see Georgia - my uni friend - who lives in Aylesbury which is fairly near to me. We went back to hers and just chatted and caught up on everyting imaginable we hadn't told each other about since going home from uni. It's so nice that we live so close as it means we don't have to go the whole summer without seeing each other. The next picture is a little indulgent as it's a Michael Kors watch but sadly it isn't mine. It was my sister's birthday on Wednesday and my parents were going to get her one. I happily modelled the watch on my wrist and fell in love.

Since my job has been moved from part-time to full-time I decided to have a little splurge. I did buy a few other things besides new converse but I thought I'd snap these as I love them. They look cute with little summer dresses and can also be worn when the weather is a little colder - I mean, I can't hold my breath for a bit of sun in July in England, can I? During my shopping trip my dad took me for breakfast in Costa where I enjoyed a rather large chocolate twist and an iced mocha. I love coffee shop breakfasts, there's just something so relaxing about them. On our way back we picked up my sister's puppy and took him for a nice long walk in Ashridge. He has bundles of energy so it came as no surprise when he found a spot in the sun and settled down as soon as we got home from the walk. My boyfriend got home from uni on Friday so I saw him on Saturday night which was nice as I hadn't seen him in three weeks. On Sunday we went down to Gadebridge park for a little picnic. The weather was lovely, we had nibbles and ice cream and I even caught the sun a little bit - perfect. On the Tuesday we went to see Despicable Me 2 which was funny - he loves animated film and has got me into them too. We've seen Wreck It Ralph, Tangled, Up - you name it.

The next picture might seem a little random but I have a habit of screen shotting pictures on Facebook or Instagram which I like or find funny. The caption was 'the fastest way to get a 6 pack this summer' and it just made me giggle hence why it's featuring in my little life post. Sorry for mentioning my sister's birthday AGAIN, but these were the beautiful flowers she received from the IT guy at work. No no, he wasn't trying to hit on her, he's just really lovely. He even said he asked the florist to not make them too nice as he didn't want to offend her boyfriend... haha! We all put in money and got her two pairs of sparkly earrings and a Ted Baker purse, followed my home-made cupcakes and brownies courtesy of moi. I had such a busy day that I didn't even have the chance to whack my phone out and take a snap, which for me, is rare! I do apologise.

When we got home from work my sister's puppy had decided that there was no better way of saying happy birthday other than to chew her GHDs to shreds. Now do you understand why I don't want to take my camera there? Now on to something realllllyyy exciting. Today, I have the pleasure of being my friend Georgia's plus one to a VIP event at the Henley Regatta. She is doing work experience at Look magazine for two weeks and has been given this amazing opportunity. I'm so grateful that she has asked me to go along with her as hopefully I can do a little bit of networking and get an insight in the industry which I dream to be a part of. Magazine writers and PR companies regularly get to go to these events and I'm so excited to see what it's all about and see what the day has in store. I frantically rushed to the shops after work last night to get a brand new outfit - dress, blazer, the lot - and planned my route to Chancery Lane station where I have to meet her. This morning, the sun is shining and I was up bright and early to prepare for the shenanigans ahead, so I have a feeling it's going to be a good day.

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