Work Experience: Day Four

Thursday, 20 June 2013

I'm weirdly getting used to these 7am starts! I'm not going to lie though - I am looking forward to my lay in on Saturday. Today I went for a trouser outfit and wore a pair that I regularly wore during sixth form. They're fitted three quarter length black trousers and fit really nicely. I got this black and cream chiffon top in the Primark sale also and it was only £5. Absolute bargain. I guess I was sporting the monochrome look today slightly. I wore my blazer but it was far too muggy so it stayed firmly on the back on my chair. It's so annoying that my mirror isn't near my window. Look at the difference in quality between both the pictures. That's what you get when there's no-one to take the photo for you. Oh well - I'm making the best of what I've got.

Today was a good day. It started by going to an inquest in Hatfield with one of the team. The inquest involved a man who had taken his own life after his wife died. It was incredibly sad and they were described as Siamese twins joint at the heart. How adorable is that? When I got back I pottered around my desk doing different bits and pieces before preparing questions for the editor. He wanted me to interview him and see how I reacted to his answers etc. It actually went really well and we ended up chatting for around an hour. Much to my delight he said I'd made a good impression and invited me back for more work experience. Up until now I didn't really know what he or the team thought of me so it was lovely to hear that I was doing well.

After that I rang Elaine (from yesterday) back as she had a little bit more information she wanted me to include in her charity story. I took my lunch at 2 and then rang a lady about fake cigarettes. I don't think she wanted to talk to the press as she specifically told me to ring her at 3, and when I did, another lady answered and said she was out for the entire afternoon. After that I had to ring an elderly lady who had just graduated with an open degree but I had to leave a message. I then looked at the new website and read some local stories before ringing two more people about two different stories. I didn't have the best of luck because I had to leave messages for both. It's sometimes confusing trying to juggle dealing with a number of stories at once because I'd have questions open for one person in my notebook, then someone else would ring me and I'd have to find the page with the relevant questions on while talking. I think I'm getting the hang of it though. Tomorrow is my last day so I've bought some mini muffins and brownies to take in as a little Friday treat.

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