Work Experience: Day Five

Friday, 21 June 2013

So today, I thought I'd mix things up a little bit and wear a playsuit. It's a black and white tribal/aztec  pattern  and is a kind of chiffon material. It's really comfortable and looked smart with my blazer. I bought it a while ago from River Island for £20 which I thought was a complete bargain. I'm sure you all know what comes next...yep, black tights and black and silver studded pumps. Sorry for the kind of half pout half smile in the outfit picture, I'm not really sure what's going on there, but it was the best picture to show the outfit so it had to be chosen I'm afraid.

Today was my last day, so I had to make sure I tied up all the loose ends and finished everything that I had been set. It was quite a full on day as I had three articles to write up, one thing to type out and a small story to put onto next week's template. Amongst all that I went down to Marks and Spencer's with the news editor because they are spinning all weekend for a range of charities. One of my stories today was an 86-year-old lady and 71-year-old man who have just graduated from The Open University... impressive, I know. Another story I wrote was about a lady who is organising a 12 hour gig-a-thon in aid of Save the Children at The Olde Leather Bottle next Saturday, and my last story was about a 23-year-old woman who is part of Hell's Belles Roller Girls - a roller skating group - who is taking part in a Summer Shovin' event next Saturday.

Like I said in my post last night, I took in mini brownies and mini muffins and they went down a treat. The office is very laid back and we're left to get on with our tasks in our own time. Obviously there are deadlines to meet at various stages, but apart from that it's a very friendly and laid back atmosphere. I was provided with my own desk, computer, log in and direct line for the entire week which made me feel very professional and part of the team. At the beginning of the week I was a bit dubious as to how the week was going to pan out but I've actually really enjoyed myself. My confidence has grown and I feel a lot more certain of my ability. It's a rewarding feeling when all your hard work pays off and your content gets published. The Gazette team have provided me with an invaluable week where I experienced the real word of newspaper journalism and I'm really grateful for that. Apologies if lifestyle posts aren't your thing, I've been too busy this week to be able to do a beauty post as well as my work experience post, but as of this weekend my beauty posts will resume.

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