Ted Baker Treat

Thursday, 9 May 2013

For those of you who don't know, a few weeks ago I won a blog competition and was given £200 Zalando vouchers to splurge. I was of course super excited, because as a student I just don't have that kind of money to play around with. The clothes on Zalando aren't great and in all honesty are a bit 'mumsy' for me, so I decided to head in the direction of the accessory section. As soon as I saw Ted Baker on the designer list my eyes lit up and I wondered (and wished, a lot) if they sold purses. I've been wanting a Ted Baker purse for such a long time because they are absolutely gorgeous. The patent finish gives such a luxury and classy look and I've been told that they're very robust. I'm a lover of big purses with lots of compartments, so can you imagine my excitement when a selection of Ted Baker purses were staring back at me from the screen. When I set my heart on one of these purses before, I decided when and if I ever bought one, I'd get either cream or black - nice classic versatile colours. Sadly there wasn't a cream purse and black one had a pink clasp which I personally feel cheapened it a little - I'm really not much of a pink lover. None of the other designs took my fancy, but as I scrolled down I noticed a lime green purse with a floral fold over flap and a green clasp. And here it is in all its glory...

Amazing, right? At first I had to study it a little to suss out whether I liked it but with summer in the near distance, I thought it would be a welcome addition to my handbag. And now, I love it. It's so sturdy and has the perfect amount of space for cards, change, notes and receipts. I love my purse to be organised and this little number allows just that. It was packaged beautifully and came in a green envelope-inspired box, which I now store all my old receipts in. I'm really lucky that I was able to treat myself, as at £100, it's incredibly expensive and not something I could ever go out and buy on a whim. Who spends that sort of money of a purse!?!? Me... clearly. Technically vouchers though, so that makes me feel better. I ordered some other bits and pieces with the remaining £100, but I've had to return and swap a few items so I'll do a complete blog post when they arrive.