Sunday Haul

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Last Sunday I went shopping, so I thought I'd stick to tradition and go shopping again today. Unfortunately it was more of a trip for essentials, so I didn't really indulge. I took my shopping list with me and ticked them off one by one. What's more, is I spent under a tenner which is always a bonus in my eyes.

So as you can see I purchased a total of six items today. Not the most interesting of items but all essential in their own right. Let me start with the folders. Pieces of paper are forever getting lost in my room as I'm trying to keep on top of revision for three different modules. This is proving to be pretty difficult as with no folder space left, they just stay on my desk. Not the greatest of places to leave them as they're prone to drink spillages, but I guess I'm just living on the wild side. I decided enough was enough so I went and bought an orange and a pink folder. There are plastic wallets inside the folder so I've put my A4 revision pages back to back so they're all neat and tidy. I'm going to take a bit of revision to Leeds with me tomorrow and this way they will stay flat and won't get damaged. They were only a pound each which is a complete bargain.

Next up is cotton pads. I can almost hear you all cheering in excitement. I needed to replenish my stock as I'm running low on cotton pads for my cleanser and nail polish remover. I got these in Wilkinson's and they were cheap and cheerful at 70p. Usually my mum buys me ones where the edges are almost sewn down which means they dont tear apart when you're trying to remove nail polish. I didn't know where to get them from and figured they'd be more expensive as they're better quality, so I stuck to the student-friendly priced ones. I'm sure they'll be fine for what I need them for.

I don't wax or use hair removal cream, I shave. So imagine my annoyance when I realised I'd left my razor at home. It wasn't a crappy disposable one, it was a decent one with changeable blades which was even more frustrating. I didn't want to splash out on an expensive one when I'm going home in a month, so I was willing to buy some cheap ones and make do. They're not those horrible disposable ones which leave you with a nasty shaving rash from being so flimsy and plastic, but they're not top of the smooth scale like the ones with separate blades. They sit nicely inbetween which I don't mind as they do the job. I hate buying razors as they're one of those things that you HAVE to buy, but are so boring. They just sit there, in your bathroom, and cost you the best part of a tenner. Not cool. These however were half price at £1.75 for four. My beady bargain eyes were definitely on top form today.

My next purchase of the day was Jonhson's baby shampoo. If you're a beauty blogger then you'll know exactly what I've bought this for - make-up brushes. I bought new ones not so long ago, so they're not entirely clogged up with foundation and bacteria, but I think they could do with a good clean. When I got it home and smelt it, it immediately took me back to my childhood. Baby shampoo used to be all the rage and I remember my mum using it to wash my hair. It has a lovely, very obvious, baby smell so at least I know my brushes will be smelling nice when they're clean. I'm going to wait until I'm back from Leeds to clean them as my friend told me they can sometimes take around 24 hours to dry. I don't want to get up tomorrow morning and realise I have wet brushes, so they'll get cleaned in due course.

My last purchase of the day was probably the most interesting - liquid eyeliner. My friend has this so I used it on Wednesday night and was very impressed with the results. I used it on my top lid and created a cat flick which stayed on all night. I also used it to create a leopard print on the side of my face as it was fancy dress, and that stayed on all night too. It's very thick and bold which is a bonus as some liquid eyeliners are quite thin and take multiple layers to build-up. This comes in a small pot with a long application stick which is very easy to apply. It's almost like a felt tip so it's sturdy, meaning that application is very controlled, but not too rigid either so there's no restriction when you want to be a little creative.

So that's my haul for this week. Hopefully my next one will be a little less essential and a bit more of an indulgence. What has been in your latest haul?


  1. That eyeliner is amazing! I'm terrible with liquid eyeliner, it's the only one I can (just about) manage!
    Really glad I found your blog, it's really interesting. I've followed you :)

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. It's so good isn't it! Haha I'm the same, my hands aren't the sturdiest so I struggle with the really thin liquid eyeliners! Aw thanks so much, I'll follow you back :) x