My Week In Pictures #3

Sunday, 12 May 2013

It's Sunday which means one thing and one thing only - my week in pictures post. Really... it's Sunday already? I can never quite believe how fast the weeks pass by these days. At the end of last week's post I had some exciting things planned this week, but some of these pictures make my week look super boring. What's exciting about highlighters and a word document? Absolutely nothing. I did do a few nice things though which broke up my week.

Monday I came back to Nottingham from my long weekend back home which I spoke about in my last post so I'll only mention it briefly. I went to a summer fete with my family, got the coach back and snuggled up in bed for the evening. Tuesday I spent the whole day working on my essay which was super fun...not. I wanted to get it done before the submission date as I'm off to Leeds to see my boyfriend tomorrow and didn't want to have to worry about submitting it while I'm there. Wednesday again was filled with work during the day but I went out in the evening. I've told you all about Ocean Wednesday's before and this week was no excuse. It was my friend Georgia's flatmate's birthday so I went out with all of them. The theme was pets as the birthday boy's surname is Pett - very fitting. I went as a leopard. I don't know a single person that owns a leopard as a pet, but this might be the start of something new - you never know. Ocean is always such a good night and I managed to work my way through a bottle of Rose during pre drinks so I'm not surprised I was feeling a little bit worse for wear on Thursday.

Thursday was a good day but a little strange. I got a lot of work done which was a plus, but it was my final day of lectures and seminars which was so weird. Apart from exams, I have finished my first year at Trent and I can't actually believe how quickly it's been and gone. My days of being a fresher are nearly over!!! This is sad. Thursday night I actually caught up on a lot of TV I'd missed over the week and let me just tell you how much of a fan of Hollyoaks I am at the moment. We all know how mediocre the acting is, but it's my guilty pleasure and the storyline is pretty juicy at the moment! If you watched the e4 next look episode at 7 on Friday (Monday's episode) then 1 - I can't believe Will can walk! and 2 - I'm so upset Dodger and Texas didn't get together. Sob. Swiftly moving on, on Friday I continued with my essay and even more law revision which was pretty tedious but had to be done. Yesterday on the other hand was a lot more exciting because I went to Alton Towers. If you've read my post about the charity event I took part in, then my team's prize was a day trip to Alton towers which was lots of fun. Although it rained... and hailed... and rained again, that didn't dampen our spirits - excuse the pun. Luckily we got there early and the theme park was dead considering it was a Saturday. The weather definitely put people off which actually worked in our favour as the queues were non-existent. We got on all the big rides by around 12pm and spent the rest of the time warming up with cups of tea and indoor activities. Last night I had a date with a big bag of peanut M&M's and my bed, and let me tell you it was perfect. I love a bit of Saturday night TV and last night didn't disappoint. My flat and I also sorted out a cleaning rota for when we leave and have our final flat inspection. Today has also been productive as I went to down to get a few bits and then my friend Abby came round and we revised together which was a big help. As much as I'd like to ramble on a little more, I'm going to love you and leave you so I can go and watch the TV awards. I'm off to Leeds tomorrow until Thursday so I'm sure I'll have plenty of tales to tell in next week's post.

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