My Week In Pictures #2

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Is it time for my week in pictures already? If you're a regular reader you'll know I did my first of these posts last week as I've seen them on some of the blogs I follow and think they're really nice posts to read. I'm not sure about you but I'm very nosy and like to know what people have been up to, so if you happen to want a little round-up of my week, then here it is. I went home for the weekend so I did take a short blogging break but I'll make up for it this week with lots of posts.

Monday started off with my first news day at uni (I'm a journalism student) which was very hectic but very fun! I did blog about it so if you want the ins and outs then you should read this. After my busy day I treated myself to a chill night which was perfect. Tuesday was pretty standard as I went to a seminar and spent the rest of the day writing up law revision notes... oh the joy! Wednesday got a little more exciting as I'd planned a trip to see The Kite Runner with my two friends Abby and Georgia around six weeks ago, and it finally came around. After a day of assignment prep, we had a catch up over a much needed Nando's in which my skinny minny of a friend Georgia managed to wolf down half a chicken, three chicken wings, creamy mash AND halloumi cheese. I seriously don't know where she packs it all. Even though myself and Abby didn't indulge quite as much, we were all nursing pretty hefty food babies. That didn't stop us getting our chocolate fix in a newsagents on our way to the playhouse though did it? No. I decided to wear high waisted jeans and a bright aztec crop top teamed with tan boat shoes and a black blazer. Needless to say I regretted the crop top once I had eaten. When we got to the playhouse we settled down in our seats waiting for the show which was amazing. We all happened to study The Kite Runner during our A-levels so were really keen to go and see it. Although I read a complete synopsis that day to refresh my memory, during the play I realised why I loved the book so much. The main guy who played Amir did not stop. He was incredible. A little sweaty, but incredible. To be honest, the entire cast gave a fabulous performance and really brought the story to life. Everything from the stage, costumes and music was rich in culture and relayed the story just as I remembered it. All in all it was a lovely night with two lovely girls.

Thursday I had a few lectures and seminars to go to but spent the rest of the day tackling my assignment with a lemon fanta and the new malteasers teasers, which by the way tastes amazing, even if it is a mouthful to say. It definitely helped me through it, however it's slightly concerning as I've noticed the only thing that gets me through revision or work is snacks. Great for the time being, but not so great when I realise I've gained half a stone when the summer comes. Thursday night I fancied a little break so me and my flatmate Hatti decided to go for a drink. As it was sunny we went to a beer garden and sat back and relaxed with a strawberry and lime Rekorderlig - beautiful. Friday was a very exciting day for me as I knew my parents were coming to pick me up the next day. I spent the entire day writing up law revision notes, and then spent the night cleaning the kitchen and my bedroom, and packing up things to take home for good. I'm trying to move all my stuff out in two lots so this was the first trip, and let's just say I definitely have way more stuff than when I first came to uni in October. Oops. Saturday morning arrived and I was really looking forward to seeing my parents who I hadn't seen in a month. I was up bright and early ready to pack the car up and go home.

I blogged last week about my sister's new puppy and I've been wishing time away just so that I would get to see him. Saturday was the day I finally got to meet him as I made my parents stop at my sister's house on the way home. If you think he looks tiny and cute in the pictures then you need to see him in real life. Even tinier and even cuter. I could make a little house for him in my handbag and he'd be comfortable. He's such a friendly little puppy and so well behaved. As much as you probably don't want to hear about his toilet habits, he has a little wee mat that he already uses. At eight weeks old, that's pretty impressive. We had lunch at my sister's which consisted of a couple of slices of pizza and salad which was really tasty. Saturday night I chilled out with my parents at home with Saturday night TV, endless cups of tea and lots of naughty food. If you haven't noticed then I have an uncontrollable obsession for peanut m&m's so it won't come as a surprise that I devoured a whole pack... to myself. On Sunday I went dress shopping with my mum as she has a wedding to go to in June. She ended up getting a lovely floral dress from Coast which is very flattering. Being the shopaholic that I am, I picked up dunagrees but in a skirt style, a pair of denim shorts, dry shampoo, heat defence spray and Avon Moroccan argan oil which much had already ordered for me. Not only that but my dad found a bargain 14.5mp digital camera for a mere £45 which I also snapped up as I've been after one for blog pictures for a while now. Rest assured you won't have to suffer the iPhone pictures for much longer. Sunday night I just chilled again with another film. I'm very good and sitting around and doing nothing.

Monday was obviously bank holiday so it was nice that my parents didn't have to work. It was a nice sunny day so me, mum, dad, and my nan and grandad decided to go to Aldbury fete. It's pretty local so we thought it would be a nice day out - and it was. It has loads of little stalls which I'll blog about in the week so we had a little mooch, enjoyed some good food, soaked up the sun and then stopped off for a drink on the way home. Sadly I had to travel back to Nottingham on Monday night but it wasn't all bad as my friend Georgia lives in Aylesbury which is near to me, and she gets the coach back from Milton Keynes also. We made sure we were booked on the same coach which is always nice as we get to catch up on gossip. Unfortunately our coach got delayed by an hour so we didn't get back until 9ish, but I unpacked and curled up in bed to watch Made in Chelsea. I know I've stepped into the beginning of this week by talking about Monday, but as it was bank holiday it was still part of my weekend. Although I've had a very busy week, it's also been lovely catching up with family and friends. I've got some pretty exciting things lined up this week also so I'll update you in next weeks post.

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