My Week In Pictures #4

Monday, 20 May 2013

With the weeks whizzing by at their current pace, before I know it I'm going to be old and grey watching the Emmerdale omnibus with a herbal tea. Swap the grey hair for brown, Emmerdale for Eastenders, and the herbal tea for Tetley's with two sugars, and that's pretty much me now. Maybe I should get out more. Well, back to my current 19-year-old life. Monday started in Leeds as I went to go and stay with my boyfriend for a few days. Monday night was a standard 'us' night as we ordered Pizza Hut and ate until we could no longer sit up. What's more romantic than bloated bellies and pepperoni breath huh? Tuesday consisted of a lot more naughty food as I indulged in a large packet of peanut m&m's while Ciaran was at work. Wednesday we made pasta and salad for lunch which was actually really tasty, and after Ciaran had been at work for a few hours, he returned with even MORE chocolate. The way to my heart is definitely through my stomach. After taking some silly pics I had a little play around with my blog and changed the design... again. I apologise if you find the design very inconsistent, but I get bored very easily so I'm still experimenting and trying to find a design I love. Stick with me people, it'll be worth it I promise. Sadly I had to go home on Thursday but we had such a lovely few days together. It involved lots of films, cuddles and food which was perfect. Friday was revision orientated but look at how cute my mini pizza is that I had for lunch. I threw a bit of salad on the side to try and be healthy - go me! I decided to go for a little shop before I cracked on with revision and those pictures are of my mini haul and myself wearing my new lipstick. After the fun of shopping came the bore of revision. The sight of multiple sheets of papers and my media law textbook are starting to grate on me. Saturday I woke up to a blown apart iPhone charger and a black plug socket as well as a broken lamp (hence the light bulb). I imagine the iPhone charger exploded in the night which then tripped my whole electric which was a little scary knowing that all happened while I was sound asleep next to the plug socket. Saturday actually felt like a Monday which was really weird, but I went to the gym with Abby which was super productive. We then, surprise surprise did more revision. Today has been the most productive day of week hands down as revision started at half 12 and didn't finish until around 10. Abby and I only stopped for lunch, dinner and the amazing brownie bowl I made, which I am going to blog about very soon. I've had a really lovely week despite all the revision and I'm excited to catch up with you all after next week's antics. Have a good week!

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