My Top 3 Lipsticks

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lipsticks for me are a lot more reliable than glosses because I feel they last longer and don't leave you eating strands of hair that are clinging to your sticky glossed lips. Everyone has favourite beauty products so I thought I'd share my three favourite lipsticks with you. What's nice about these three is that I have my high-end MAC lipstick, and two high street brands, Rimmel and Barry M, all of which I love. They are by no means similar colours as there's a red, an orange and a nude kind of colour, but here we have it - my three go-to lipsticks.

I'll start with the red MAC lipstick which is the Matte Ruby Woo. I've blogged about this lipstick before and I still hold the opinion that it is a really great product. It's very moisturising and definitely doesn't dry your lips out. I think some red lipsticks can look tacky especially when they have a gloss finish, which is why I opted for matte. There are a fair few shades of red to choose from when it comes to MAC lipsticks but I went for this shade as it's not too bright, nor too dark. It sits nicely in the middle and looks lovely on. It's extremely pigmented meaning one coat really is enough, and what's more is that it lasts all night. I've come home from a night out before with my red lips still in tact, which is exactly what you want when you're paying £14. Admittedly, they are slightly pricey, but if it's a shade you're going to wear often then I definitely think they're worth the money. For a hefty price tag you expect a high quality product and this is exactly what MAC delivers.

Next up is the orange which is shade 54 from Barry M. I actually quite like it when lipsticks are given names as it adds a bit of character, but the lipstick is a lovely colour so I can't complain. This product is actually defined as a lip paint instead of a lipstick which might be down to its bright colour and staying power. It's definitely a spring/summer shade and I tend to dab it onto my lips rather than apply a coat because it's on the verge of neon. I'm not overly confident when it comes to bright lips, apart from red of course, so from dabbing I get a nice, almost peach effect. If you can get away with pulling off bright orange lips, which some people can, then go for it, but I'm going to stick to a slightly subdued lip. All the same it's a lovely colour and at only £4.49 you can't really go wrong.

Last but not least is my Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel in the shade 03. I initially bought this because I saw my friend wearing it and loved the colour. It's almost a light brown/nude and has a slight shine to it which is gorgeous. I never tend to go for a shine finish but because this is such a light colour it somewhat brightens up your face. One of the things I love about this colour is how versatile it is. It can be worn in the day with light eye-make up and a bit of blush, but can also be worn on a night out with heavier eye make-up which is nice if you want to go for a subtle lip and stand-out eye combo. At £5.49 it really is a steal because of its durability and smooth and easy application.

As you can see from the image above, all three lipsticks are really pigmented and bold. Comparing the two high-street brands with the MAC lipstick, I'm really impressed with the pigmentation, durability and finish of all three, and I definitely think they're on par with one another. From all the high-street brands I've used I certainly think Barry M and Rimmel are great brands if you're looking for an affordable alternative. However, it is nice to treat yourself and gradually build up your MAC collection which is exactly what I plan to do.

What is your favourite lipstick? Are there any shades I should try?


  1. Wow, I love your blog soooo much! :) My sister has those Mac lipsticks and i'm forever pinching them from her hahaha :)

    Amy xxx

    1. Aw thank you!! Yeah they're so lovely and last for ages as well! I've followed your blog by the way :) xxx