Thursday, 16 May 2013

It's recently come to my attention that Google Friend Connect will no longer be available from July, which means if you follow me, or anyone else via blogger, which runs through GFC, then all followers will be lost. This is a little disappointing as most of my follows are via GFC and not Bloglovin'. If you do follow me, then head over to Bloglovin' and type my URL into the search bar at the top. If you'd like me to return the favour and follow you, then please leave a little comment on this post and I will. It's always nice to find new blogs and talk to different bloggers! Thank you :)


  1. Hey Nicole!
    Thanks for posting that I had no idea!! I will follow you through Bloglovin! If you could do the same for me I'd be so grateful :)! I'm at a bit of a loss for followers and haven't met many other bloggers :/

    Kat xx

    1. Hey lovely :) not to worry I only found out the other day when my friend told me! Ah thanks so much! Of course I'll follow you back :) Me too, it's definitely slow and steady when it comes to blogging!Xxx