What's In My Bag?

Monday, 8 April 2013

It's amazing how much us girls can fit in our bags. We're a very nosy species so I love nothing better than cyber snooping around other people's bags to see what they lug around with them on a daily basis. I've seen a lot of what's in my bag posts lately and I actually find them pretty interesting. Whenever I'm browsing people's blogs I always find myself coming back to what's in my bag posts. So, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and enlighten you on what's in my bag.

The contents aren't particularly interesting because I pretty much unpacked most of my handbag last night after coming back from Leeds and threw a few things in this morning when running out the door to uni. It's amazing how late I am getting ready sometimes when I can see my university from my bedroom window. Maybe I like the thrill - who knows.

Let's start with my bag. It's from River Island and I think it's absolutely gorgeous. I'm not a fan of soft bags because I find them to be quite slouchy, all your stuff clings to the bottom and weighs your shoulder down. I much prefer something a bit more sturdy and structured because they're perfect for overfilling them with unnecessary items and slotting everything in nicely. River Island is my go-to shop when purchasing a handbag because they're brilliant quality and are always super pretty. Although I got this as a Christmas present, it was around £45/£50. I don't mind paying a bit extra for a bag because they always get a solid six months usage (if not longer) before being replaced for a newer version. Before you start laughing, yes my bag and purse are matching, but I happen to think it's kinda cute.

River Island Cream Bag

Contents: Cream River Island Purse, Floral 2013 Diary, Black Biro, Star Magazine, Compact Mirror, Barry M Nail Varnish, No7 Concealer, Palmer's Lip Balm, Highland Springs Water, Wrigley's Chewing Gum, National Express Coach Card, Leeds Train Ticket, Ibuprofen, Miss Selfridge Scarf

My purse is permanently glued to the inside of my bag because it practically has my whole life in it. Bank cards, ID, student card, money - the lot. If I lost it it would be a very sad day. I'm also a sucker for a structured purse and River Island has a broad selection of lovely purses to choose from. At £17 a pop they're not the most budget friendly, but again, they last an extremely long time so I don't mind paying a bit more.

My diary is my saviour. The floral print is super cute which is one of the reasons why I bought it, but it helps keep me organised. I'm forever up to my ears in deadlines and tying to plan visits home and trips to Leeds to see my boyfriend so my diary is like my third arm. I like to try and keep it in my bag so if I make plans or find out there's a guest lecturer at uni, I can pop it in my diary straight away without fear of forgetting it by the time I get home. I'm an organised person anyway and have a habit of writing endless lists and post it notes, so I like my little hard back diary instead of storing it all in my phone. A diary is useless without a pen so I've got a black biro in there too.

Star mag is my favourite and although it's a very old edition, it's been at the bottom of my bag for a while now. It'll be added to my existing pile in my room when I buy one this week. It's always nice to keep a magazine in your bag incase you have a spare 10 minutes or fancy a read when grabbing a coffee. I took mine on the coach journey to Leeds with me to pass the time.

I've got a few cosmetics/ make up pieces in there too which are always useful. I'm forever getting things in my eyes so a compact mirror is a must have for me. I always try to chuck in the nail varnish I'm wearing at the time in case I suffer a severe case of chipping. This one came to Leeds with me and I'm glad I remembered to take it. Concealer is great for topping up coverage on spots or blemishes and is nice and small to carry round in the front pocket of my bag. Lip balm is also a key cosmetic if you suffer from dry lips like me - mine isn't a particularly pleasant one, but it does the job.

A few years ago you might have seen a bottle of Coke or Sprite lurking around in my bag, but these days it tends to be water. Although I drink a lot of juice, I am trying to gradually introduce water into my daily drinking habits and having a bottle in my bag makes it easy to drink when I'm thirsty. Plus, it's nice and cheap which I can't complain about.

Although I'm not a religious chewing gum eater, user, chewer, whatever you wan't to call it, I have a packet of Wrigley's chewing gum from a multipack. Sometimes if you fancy freshening up it's good to have a packet to hand. There's always bound to be someone who wants a chewing gum and this means you can be little miss helpful and save the day.

My National Express coach card and train ticket are also in my bag from the weekend. I used my coach card to travel back from Leeds last night and my boyfriend and I went into Leeds city centre to go shopping when I was there so that's where my train ticket came from. I have a little memory box I keep little bits and pieces in so I'll probably pop the train ticket in there and put my coach card back into my purse. If I leave it in the bottom of my bag I'm bound to lose it.

My mum always carries round painkillers in her bag and it must be a habit I've adopted because look what's in mine - ibuprofen. You never know when a headache might creep up on you so I always try and keep a packet in the zip compartment of my bag. I prefer ibuprofen over paracetamol because it has a nice sugary coating which is easy to swallow. There's nothing worse than a powdery paracetamol getting stuck halfway down your throat.

Lastly, I have my black and white Miss Selfridge scarf in there. It has a cute little skull and butterfly pattern on it and although the scarf is mainly black and white, it has little bursts of pink and blue in random places which brightens it up. I forgot to pack it in my suitcase getting ready to come back to Nottingham from Leeds so popped it in my handbag instead. I always end up wearing it because it goes with everything and looks good with my black Topshop leather jacket, which I also never take off.

So, that's the contents of my handbag of my bag unveiled... what item is always in yours?

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