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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Me and my lovely friend Abby McHale were having a chat earlier discussing beauty tips and tricks. It's always handy to know a few little beauty secrets to make the most of products or find new ways to make them last longer. I've become increasingly interested in all things associated with nails, make-up and beauty regimes so these kind of chats I love. Abby definitely knows more about these subject areas than me, but the more products I'm reading about, buying and reviewing, the more I'm learning. I mean, I've always been a nail varnish and make-up hoarder and I have loads of make-up bits and pieces in a white storage box that I just never use, but I'm beginning to really crave new beauty products and cosmetics, which, isn't promising for my bank balance, but, is extremely fun. So, here's a few little pieces of advice that we came up with between us.

1. If you use a moisturiser which comes in a squirty tube then there's nothing more frustrating than when it's coming to an end and you can't seem to squeeze the remaining contents out of it. To fix this problem, cut the bottom of the tube off and you'll be amazed at how much moisturiser is at the bottom and coating the edges of the tube. There will definitely be enough to last you a few more days. If you're worried about making a mess because there's no lid, then use a peg to secure it until it's ready to throw away. You can use this tip for face scrubs and washes too.

2. It can be frustrating when your favourite nail varnish begins to turn gloopy and loses its smooth and perfect finish. There's two tricks to retain the liquid consistency of the nail varnish; you can either pop it in the fridge to thin the varnish out and stop it from going gloopy, or you can pour in a small amount of nail varnish remover and give it a good shake. It's a cheap alternative to buying a new one until it's completely run out. One of the most common reasons for nail varnishes drying out is because they're not done up properly. Don't screw them so tight that you chip a tooth trying to open them, but just enough so no air gets into the bottle.

3. Another nail tip for you - some nail varnishes can be quite tough to remove and can slightly stain your nails and fingers. If you want a quick and easy way to get as much colour off as possible, then paint a coat of clear nail varnish over each nail, and on the parts of your fingers which are stained. Leave it for 30 seconds then use some nail varnish remover and a cotton pad to remove the nail varnish as you usually would. I find that this is a really good way of getting excess nail varnish off. A stained look is not a good look. If you've completely run out of nail varnish remover then you can remove nail varnish by using a cotton ball and clear varnish as the remover.

4. We all know what it's like when we're in a rush to take our make-up off of an evening and forget to firmly seal the sticky lid back to the packet. This is a bad habit because it dries them out which makes it increasingly harder to remove make-up. If you turn your make-up wipes upside down and store them like that then all the moisturise travels to the top of the packet and keeps them perfect for use. Obviously it'll help if you do replace the lid straight after getting one out the packet, but you can use this tip regardless.

5. Sudocrem is my holy grail product and whenever I have the slightest sign of a spot on my face, or a complete breakout, I always put sudocrem on my face at night and sleep with it on. It dries the spots out and reduces redness dramatically. I would always choose sudocrem over any spot cream because you actually notice the different the next day rather than having to wait a few days for results. I've previously reviewed this so for a full review, click here. It has other purposes than just for babies bums.

6. Vaseline is a great product with many uses and one of them is eyelashes. Although there's a lot of hype about putting Vaseline on your lashes to help them grow, I should warn you that it doesn't make them grow overnight. The ingredients soften and condition the eyelashes which can prevent them falling out as easily. In addition to this, because they are kept healthy it may allow them to grow to a longer than usual length. We moisturise our faces and our bodies, so why not moisturise our eyelashes too. It's best to apply it at night because the Vaseline can work its magic while you're sleeping.

7. Lipstick doesn't just have to be applied to your lips, it can also be used as a cheek tint. There's a lot of cream based cheek tints and blushers out there so why not be economical and use a lipstick as a cheek product too. You can buy one in a pinky/coral shade and dab a small amount on your finger ready to apply to your cheeks. It's probably best to watch a few make-up tutorials on how other people have done this just so it isn't a disaster the first time. Just be careful not to overload, you don't want to look like a china doll.

8. If you're a regular reader then you'll know I'm always searching for a new lip treatment to combat my dry lips. What I have done before is make my own lip scrub which is perfect if you don't want to splash out on buying one. Get a small pot and mix a spoonful of olive oil with a spoonful of sugar and mix it until it forms a paste. You can get a small plastic pot from a drugstore to store it in so you don't have to make a new one up every day. Dab a small amount on your finger and rub into your lips - it should work as well as, if not better, than a lip scrub on the shelves. You can always add a small amount of vanilla extract or a different flavouring if you wan't to spice it up a bit.

9. Instead of suffering shaving rash or spending out on a shaving gel, use conditioner instead. Grab a cheap one with a nice smell from a drugstore, I think I got a strawberry one for under a quid which is a real bargain. Before you begin to shave, smear some conditioner all over your legs, under your arms, on your lady bits, wherever. You'll find that the razor glides over your skin effortlessly which will achieve a smoother shave. This is a win win situation because you won't get any of the nasty red after marks. Such an easy tip for soft skin all over.

10. If you have greasy hair and you seem to be having to wash it every day, then avoid applying conditioner to your roots. Apply it from your ear area right down to the end of your locks. The first 3 inches or so of your hair contain natural oil supplements, so if you're adding more product to it, it can suffer an overload and make it slightly greasier. Hair also gets greasy very quickly if you touch it throughout the day, so try and kick the habit and you'll find it'll remain looking clean and fresh for longer.

We've revealed our top hair and beauty top tips to you guys, what are yours?


  1. These are such good tips!i would never have thought to use conditioner to shave my legs haha :) thanks xx

    1. I was amazed too when I found out - makes them so soft! Thanks for reading :) xx

  2. Such a fantastic post! A lot of great informations! I like it : )