Spring Clean

Monday, 1 April 2013

Normally a spring clean means getting rid of all the clutter and thoroughly cleaning your house from top to bottom. My spring clean that I'm embarking upon involves a number of beauty products, and my face. I'm sick and tired of my constant dry lips and spot breakouts every so often, so I've decided to start a completely new skincare regime. I only ever really remove my make-up, moisturise my face and apply Vaseline to my lips, but this time, I'm going all out.

In preparation for this I've gone and purchased a whole new set of face and skin products to assist me. Being on a student budget means that I'm unable to kit myself out with Clarins or Elemis products, so I opted for cheap alternative drugstore brands and even picked up some bits that were on offer. Whenever I usually decide to implement a skincare regime into my life, it lasts for approximately four days. But this time, I'm going to stick to it, day in day out. Once the Easter break is over and done with, I'm going to embrace my gym membership, eat healthier and continue taking care of myself. It won't be a flop - I promise.

New Purchases
Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Cleansing Lotion £2.67 (Superdug)
Clean&Clear Morning Energy Daily Facial Scrub £2.49 (Savers)
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm £1.67 (Savers)
Simple Kind To Eye Revitalising Eye-Roll £2.99 (Savers)
Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion £2.49 (Savers)
Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub £1.75 (Boots)
Loofah Scrub £1.00 (Savers)
Total = £15.06

Existing Products
Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes £2.99 (3 for £5 or 2 for £4 in Boots/Superdug sometimes)
Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser £3.79 (Often on 3 for 2 in Boots/Superdrug)
Vaseline £1.99 (Can be bought absolutely anywhere)
Avon Care Glycerine Hand and Nail Cream £3.50 (Avon)
Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter £5.00 (The Body Shop)
Total = £17.27

Skincare Regime

I stick to Simple wipes to remove my make-up because they don't dry out like some cheaper brands do, and they leave my skin feeling nice and fresh. This should always be the first step of your skincare regime of an evening so I ensure I always have a spare packet of Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes in case I run out.

After removing all make up I use Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Cleansing Lotion which I purchased from Superdrug for £2.67 on offer, I think it's normally around £4.50. I've only used this product for a couple of nights but I'm already happy with the results. I'm quite vigorous when using make-up wipes as I like to remove all my make-up and not just briefly wipe it over my face. When using the cleanser, apply a small amount to a cotton pad and wipe all over your face. It's quite peculiar how much make-up actually comes off on the pads which proves even when you think you've removed all the excess make-up and dirt from your skin - you haven't. So this cleansing lotion is a really good way for thoroughly cleaning your skin.

The cleanser ensures your face is clear and dirt-free, so now it's time for a face scrub. The one I chose is the Clean&Clear Morning Energy Daily Facial Scrub which comes in yellow packaging. You can buy the same facial scrub in green or orange packaging, it just depends on what smell you prefer. The yellow one has extracts of lemon and papaya and gently exfoliates your skin getting rid of dirt and impurities. Not only this, but it's meant to be a brightening scrub which leaves your skin looking refreshed and smooth. You simply wet your face with warm water, rub the scrub into your face in circular motions and then rinse off. As soon as it's rinsed off your skin is instantly smooth which is a good sign.

After you've scrubbed your face until it's sparkling, it's time to moisturise. I've used Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser for a while now and am pleased with the results. It's nice and light which suits my skin as it isn't particularly dry or oily, so it just leaves my skin nourished and hydrated. Maintaining moisturised skin is important to rid any dry patches which make-up clings to which allows easy application and results in a smooth finish once you've applied make-up. Your lips also need to be moisturised so apply Vaseline every night and every morning to avoid dry and cracked lips.

I don't really like using Vaseline during the day because it's too shiny, so I've bought a Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm for daytime use. I suffer with dry lips and this particular lip balm offers ultra moisturisation and contains Vitamin E which can help chapped and cracked lips while the pure cocoa butter delivers deep hydration. There's an added benefit of broad-spectrum SPF15 in the lip balm preventing premature ageing of the lip area through regular application. I have a skin toning cream from Palmer's Cocoa Butter range and it smells lovely, so no doubt the lip balm will be just as nice.

We all experience those mornings where he haven't had quite enough sleep and are left looking tired, so I wanted something to brighten my eyes up and leave me feeling a little more awake. After trawling the aisles in Boots and Superdrug I finally settled for the Simple Kind To Eye Revitalising Eye-Roll, but I got it from Savers for £2.99. The same eye-roll was £4.99 in Superdrug so it just proves it pays to shop around a little, especially if you're on a budget like most students. My friend has a Garnier eye-roll and said it leaves you feeling a little more refreshed and awake, so I'm interested to see whether Simple will have the same effect.

When my flatmates have been tanning my back previously they've pointed out I've got little red marks on my back, circular in shape, but not raised like spots. I made my mum have a look and she said it's just pores which are red, so I wanted something to try and soothe them so they close up. It might be because your back is quite difficult to thoroughly clean at times, it's all awkward arm positions trying to lather soap all over it. So, in order to tackle this I've bought a Loofah which is long and thin and has two material handles which you pull back and forth in order to help you wash your back vigorously. I'm going to team this with a general shower gel and Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub to see if my pores will kindly close. I only bought a 60ml sachet of the salt scrub because the big tub is £11 and I didn't want to waste that kind of money if it doesn't do the job.

Talking of spring again, everyone desires that natural bronzed glow, and with the lack of sunshine we've had, I need something to help me along the way. It's too much of a hassle fake tanning regularly because it can go streaky when you rush it, and it's often too dark for a natural look. I was looking for an alternative to fake tan and have opted for Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion in order to build a gradual tan. In a nutshell it's a tinted moisturiser so it kills two birds with one tone and is easy to apply. This is guaranteed to look natural and leave me with silky smooth bronzed pins...I hope!

In terms of moisturising, it's all well and good keeping my face, legs and lips hydrated, but it's also important to keep the rest of my body soft and smooth. I'm going to use my Avon Care Glycerine Hand and Nail Cream to keep my hands soft because they can often become dry. This specific hand cream is non-greasy and contains Vitamin E, calcium and glycerine, properties which leave your hands looking and feeling soft and healthy. I'll also use my Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter for the rest of my body because the most common dry patches are on my feet, elbows and arms. The body butter provides 24-hour hydration, is great for normal to dry skin and has a sweet strawberry scent. I don't want to adopt the scaly look, so an all over moisturising session on a daily basis is sure to keep my skin healthy and in tact.

What's more is that these products aren't particularly pricey. All of them will last for at least a month if not longer, so it's not as if you'll have to replace them a lot. Everyone has certain products that they stick to, but these well known brands that I've purchased may be suitable for you. In terms of the products I already own and use on a regular basis like Vaseline and Simple moisturiser, there are obviously cheaper alternatives like Boots own brand which work well too. I'm just fussy and like to stick to a known brand when it comes to face wipes because I know my skin doesn't become red or irritated with Simple products. With the body butter and hand cream, there are dozens of cheaper alternatives in drugstores like Boots, Superdrug, Savers and Wilkinsons you can use which will have the same effect if you're just looking for a gentle body moisturiser or lip balm.

Once I've used my new products for a few weeks, if I think they're particularly good, or particularly bad, then I'll blog about them. If you don't see a post then just assume they're average and didn't do much good. However, don't just go by what I say, Google other reviews of the same products because different products work differently with different skin types. What might not work for me, may work splendidly on you, so do your research, shop around, and jump on the bandwagon for a journey to clear and healthy skin.

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