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Friday, 5 April 2013

There's something about quotes that I am incredibly drawn to. I don't know, maybe it's the fact that they tend to sum up exactly how you're feeling, and organise all the wild thoughts and endless ramble in your head, into one stand alone sentence. What's more, is that they make sense. Quotes are very powerful, and even though they're only short, can create a huge impact and make you realise what you always knew, but didn't quite want to accept. Sometimes, a quote is the perfect remedy to cheering you up, or putting things into perspective.

When it comes to trust, quotes are undeniably correct. One of my favourites is from Shakespeare who said 'Love all, trust a few'. You go through life thinking the friends you make in primary school are going to be your friends forever. In some cases, that happens. But in most cases, your friends change from primary school, to secondary school and then change again in university and even during your career. Sometimes we carry friends from certain points in our lives, through our entire lives, and those are most likely our true friends, you know, the ones we can trust. In other circumstances, people come, and people go, and this is why we need to be careful.

There's nothing wrong with having your guard up, it's better than getting betrayed and hurt, right? There's a saying - 'I'd rather have a few true friends, then a lot of fake friends'. I love this. My advice from experience, is that there's nothing wrong with having a lot of friends, but just be wise when choosing the ones you're going to rely on, and trust. Us girls know better than anyone that we like a bit of a chat and a gossip every now and again, so be mindful of this if you're going to tell people your deepest darkest secrets. The last thing you want is your whole class knowing your latest life story.

True friends will be honest with you, will be there for you, will put themselves in your shoes, and share both the happy and the sad times with you. A lot of the time, your best friends aren't those who you see everyday, but if you are lucky enough to have true friends who are constantly in your life, then hold them tight and don't let go of them without a fight.

I'm going to leave you with this - Friendship is a two way street, so make sure you're not the only one making the effort.

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