Nail Art: Peace and Love

Monday, 22 April 2013

I'm getting a little more artsy by the day and venturing into the world of nail art. I always seem to sit on Google looking for new patterns to try, but they all seem rather complex. This week I opted for a spur of the moment choice of nail art. I knew I wanted to use Pink Flamingo by Barry M because it's such a lovely nail colour for spring. I'm not really sure where the peace and love theme came from, but I think it looks pretty cool. I know the cross on the ring finger isn't peace or love, but I wanted a design on three nails and I thought it kind of completed the look. I created the design with some thin nail art brushes I purchased from eBay which you can find here. They're actually meant for acryclic and uv gel nails but they are definitely suitable for nail art. I didn't want to splash out on brushes so these £1.99 ones were ideal.

First off I used Barry M 3 in 1 base coat, top coat and nail hardener on bare nails as a base coat. Once dry I proceeded to paint two coats of the Barry M Pink Flamingo on top. I then finished the main colour off by overlaying a top coat. When adding nail art you need to make sure the nail varnish is completely dry before you start other wise it smudges and drags which makes it look awful. I then dipped the red brush, which is the thinnest of the three, into the MUA white nail varnish and painted away. The cross was the easiest as vertical and horizontal lines really aren't hard to paint. The peace symbol was a lot easier than I thought as I imagined the brush would be very rigid making the circle difficult, but to my surprise it wasn't. The heart was probably the trickiest symbol but that still wasn't rocket science. You do need quite a steady hand but if you are a little trembly, then practice makes perfect. Nail art is just a nice alternative if you want to change things up a bit and try something new. There will definitely be more nail art posts when I start experimenting with different colours and designs.

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