My Week In Pictures #1

Sunday, 28 April 2013

This week has consisted of a lot of work, but I know all too well that work comes hand in hand with procrastination. I'm great at it. My favourite form of procrastination is scrolling down my blog feed and catching up on everyone's new posts. Besides the work, it's been a nice chilled week spent with friends.

My week started off with buying myself some treats. I came back from Leeds on Sunday night so on Monday I treated myself to some Oreo Dairy Milk and Peanut M&M's which are two of my favourites. On Tuesday I got a phone call from my sister which was unexpected because I never get phone calls from my sister. Before even saying hello she came out with 'If I tell you something do you promise not to tell mum and dad yet?'. I seriously thought she was either pregnant or engaged. Instead of having a little niece or nephew on the way I now have an 8-week-old puppy nephew called Elvis. I apologise on behalf of her and her boyfriend for the name choice. As far as I'm concerned, calling a puppy Elvis falls under the animal cruelty category, but whatever. He is so tiny and super cute so I can't wait to go home this weekend and meet him. I'm also really looking forward to spending some time with my parents as I haven't seen them in a month. 

On Wednesday I received my Zalando package which I felt like I had been waiting for forever. I won £200 Zalando vouchers through a blog competition so that was very exciting. I got some gorgeous items so I'll blog about them in the week. I also painted my nails and went for a diagonal effect using a bright pink and burgundy Barry M polish. On Thursday I decided to crack on with some more uni work hence the horrible pile of books and shelf of folders. I started on Monday so Thursday was just another routine day of uni reading and assignment prep. You'll see the pictures of the three cards and they're just because I miss my boyfriend. His cards make me smile. Friday I enjoyed a cucumber and houmous lunch which was a nice change from my normal lunch.

Friday night is when the fun began as it was my friend Geogia's birthday on Monday and Friday was her birthday night out. I wore a black and white geometric print playsuit from River Island and had such a good night. The flower balloon arrangement was courtesy of her flatmates which looked really cool. On Saturday morning I was brought a sausage sandwich in bed. Princess treatment or what. I love a good sausage sandwich especially when I'm slightly hungover, but it wasn't the best presented sandwich in the world as she just plonked a whole sausage in-between two pieces of toast. I'll forgive her though because it's the taste that matters! The rest of Saturday was spent in bed watching lots of TV until my friends Georgia and Abby came round for a TV night. We made brownies, chatted and ate junk food which was just what I needed

All in all quite a happy and productive week, I wonder what's in store for me this week.