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Friday, 26 April 2013

I find it quite difficult to make lunches for myself as I'm not really a sandwich fan. I like shop bought sandwiches but I'm really not keen on home-made ones. Obviously if you're a pro sandwich maker I may be converted, but I'm not a cheese and pickle or ham and salad cream kinda girl I'm afraid. When it comes to lunches I nearly always have beans on toast or soup with bread. But as the warmer weather is kicking in, soup isn't really the best lunchtime dish, so I wanted to try and find some different lunch options. I wanted something a little healthier, a little lighter and fuss-free, and here's what I've come up with.

Cucumber and houmous. It's surprisingly tasty and filling, which I didn't expect. I cut the cucumber into batons and dip them into the houmous. Delicious. It's certainly a change from my previous carb-infested lunch menu which is great, and it's ideal for summer. What's also great is that if I'm on the go, I can take the houmous with me, cut some cucumber up and pop it in a tupperware tub. If you're not a cucumber fan then there's plenty of alternatives. Carrots, peppers, pita bread, you name it.

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