Is Summer Finally Here?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

How nice is this weather!? For the first time in god knows how long, I actually dusted off my tan boat shoes and denim jacket today. I love sunny days, pub gardens and light evenings, and it seems like all of the above are looking fairly promising. Today there were blue skies, light winds and a warm sun which is so nice compared to dull skies, harsh winds and absolutely no sun. I'm very excited for some more weather like this so I can venture into my summer wardrobe, buy a new pair of sunnies and relax in the sunshine with a strawberry and lime Koppaberg. After the horrendous few months of weather, we all deserve a little bit of sunshine in our lives. Forget about cosying up with a cuppa and fluffy socks with the heating on full blast, it's all about long days outside getting sun-kissed skin and enjoying ourselves. I'll drink to that.

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