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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

If you're depressed at the thought of not being able to go on a summer holiday this year because of a diminishing student loan and no savings, then look no further. When revision is long gone, exams are over and assignments are nowhere to be seen, what on earth should you do with all your free time? Go on holiday - that's what. You might sigh at this thought and come out with the generic 'I'm a student I can't afford it' phrase, but maybe you haven't been looking in the right places for the right deals. This is where I step in to make your holiday search a little easier and a little more promising.

First of all, travel agents are an absolute no-go. The prices are sky high and anywhere during school holidays is going to set you back a hell of a lot. Companies such as and may seem cheap at face value, but that's because the default setting is self-catering and the price excludes added extras like luggage. Of course it's ideal if a family member has an apartment somewhere hot which you can rent for cheap and bag last minute flights, but some of us won't have that luxury. You're probably thinking that your vision of lying on the beach with a cocktail and not a cloud in sight is slipping through your fingers, but fear not, there's an alternative.

Teletext Holidays offer the most amazing deals. Let's just say you can't be super picky when choosing from these package holidays, but at the end of the day if you're a student then you'll know all too well what it's like living in grubby accommodation with mediocre food. Just imagine the same thing but in a hot country with a pool and a beach, can you complain? If you're not a student and are blessed with a clean house, home cooked meals and luxuries, then you can probably afford a holiday regardless. If you do fall under that category then I am very jealous and you should pay for me to go on holiday too (please).

Teletext offer lots of seven night all inclusive deals which include flights for between £150-£300 depending on the quality, and your budget. The cheapest destinations are Benidorm, Majorca and Menorca but use Trip Advisor to suss out what the hotels are like before booking. Yes, they're still in the hundreds category, but if you are a poor student and don't have the money upfront, then get saving now for a cheap week away in September before uni recommences, or stick it on your overdraft and pay it off gradually. Overdrafts aren't exactly encouraged but it's most likely going to be the only time you'll ever have interest free money sitting in the bank in your life. Make the most of it because a hot holiday could be on the horizon for you.

Obviously I think being a poor student should be a legit reason for the government to pay for everyone to have a holiday every year (only the good people though). Joking aside, I'd love to go on a luxurious skiing holiday for about a week and stay in a cosy wooden chalet, and then spend the next week lounging around the pool and tanning on the beach somewhere warm and exotic. Not being greedy or anything but I'd love a week in a seafront beach hut in the Caribbean after a few months of travelling around America, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. That would be the life. I can dream, right? Maybe someday I'll get to go and explore different countries and cultures.

What's your dream holiday?

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