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Thursday, 11 April 2013

You might be aware that I go to Nottingham Trent University and if you go there, or know a bit about it, then you'll know about the infamous Ocean Wednesday's. Ocean is a dirty, smelly, sticky club full of people out of their faces in fancy dress loving life dancing to One Direction. Sounds appealing, right? It also provides hours of endless fun. I have a slight confession... I'm clearly not a true NTU student because I've only ever been to Ocean once... and that was in freshers. Go on, hurl abuse at me and ask me who I think I am disrespecting the tradition. Truth be told I'm not great at dealing with hangovers when I have a 10am start and four hours of lectures and seminars, but, maybe that's because I didn't know what I was missing out on.

Me and the girls decided to go for an American theme because my flatmate Hatti is a little American crazy and has a stash of football jerseys. We did however embrace the theme with socks, sneakers (well...converse), face paint and snapbacks, and I rather enjoyed being an American football player for the night. I even used bought a white nail varnish and did American themed nails, which by the way I'm rather impressed with. My 'wee' Irish friend Emily and I soon ran out of money after only taking a tenner out and spending money on a taxi and entry, so were pleasantly surprised when we found a whole pound on the floor. This sparked sheer imagination and we proceeded to trawl the three bar areas in search of money that incredibly intoxicated people had dropped. We soon discovered this was a genius idea because we accumulated around £12 which paid for three drinks and a burger each on the way home. Result.

It wasn't all good though, I nearly lost my ID and my student card until some random started waving a piece of plastic in front of everyone's faces and I realised they were mine. Oops. It was only on the walk home that I realised I'd lost my key card. Luckily Emily let me into the building but I had to call Hatti who went home early to let me into the flat. Three phone calls later she finally answered her phone but I did feel slightly awful when I realised I'd woken her up. Double oops. So...what I thought was a cheap night resulted in forking out £15 for a new key card. I know it's not a tremendous amount of money but £15 for a piece of plastic is a little unreasonable.

I apologise for my lack of Ocean devotion my fellow Nottingham-ers but I promise I'll return soon. Just a tip - if you can smell fish, then you're not drunk enough.

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