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Friday, 5 April 2013

Whether you wish to admit it or not, every one of us man-loving ladies has a girl crush. Some are obsessed with Cara Delevingne, others fancy the pants off Mila Kunis and even Beyonce has an abundance of fans who would kill for her body, but I for one, think Michelle Kegan is the epitome of perfection. Let me explain why.

For one, she is naturally beautiful with a tanned complexion, long dark locks and a lovely set of teeth. Qualities that any girl is bound to envy. What I find fascinating about Michelle Keegan, which sounds slightly silly, is that she looks completely normal, pretty, but normal, in Corrie, but transforms into something else off screen and completely transcends the definition of sexy.

She has a body to die for. Some people work their socks off to be as slim and toned as she is, but Michelle is certainly blessed with the assets she has. She may well have worked for it too, and if she has, she's done a bloody god job. From what I've seen, and read, she doesn't come across as stuck up or arrogant in the slightest, because those traits, are what can change someone from beautiful to ugly in a matter of minutes.

It's time to embrace British beauty and take our hats off to those who add elegance and class to their appearance while being tasteful of what they choose to do. None of that crude attention seeking on screen drivel from the likes of Katie Price or Jodie Marsh, who should never, ever, be considered as role models or idols.

Wear a smile.

Pic from here.
Pic from here.

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