Dove Rich Nourishment Cream

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I've been really into moisturising lately as part of my new healthcare and beauty regime and my sister happened to give me this Dove Rich Nourishment Cream because she didn't really take to it. I however, love the the product. It claims to have nourishing ingredients and active moisturisers which provide rich care from head to and I have to say that I agree. This isn't specifically a face moisturiser, but since I've had it I've used it on my face daily as I like to use my strawberry body butter from The Body Shop on the rest of my body.

As it says on the tin, this moisturiser/nourishment cream is very rich. Some people have preferences towards using either a light or rich moisturiser, so if you hate really rich and thick creams then this product probably isn't for you. I normally use Simple Kind To Skin Light Hydrating Moisturiser which is very thin and almost transparent. I thought I'd hate using moisturisers from two completely different ends of the spectrum but I quite like having one which is really light and easy to apply, as well as having a rich one which feels like it's really being absorbed into your skin and working its magic. As you can see from the picture it's very thick and the texture is quite creamy, but, it smells amazing. It does take a short amount of time to rub in as unlike normal moisturisers it won't be rubbed in properly after one swift wipe over your face. As you can see from the other picture below, the cream isn't completely rubbed in and if I had completed the same process with my light Simple moisturiser, it would be. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though, it just means that you have to spend a little bit more time working it into your skin.

The thing I love about this nourishment cream is that it's very versitile. If I didn't use my strawberry body butter I probably would use it all over my body so it's a great product if you're after an all round moisturiser. Not only this but because it's so rich, once it's entirely rubbed into your face it leaves your skin feeling really firm and nourished. Once it's had time to absorb slightly, it also provides a smooth surface for make-up application making it a lot easier as well as providing your skin with a bright and dewy finish. The product comes in a flat-ish round tub and can be picked up from Superdrug, Boots, Wilkinsons or another similar drugstore. As it was given to me I'm unaware of the price but after browsing the net I've found out you can buy 150ml (the size that I've got which is in the pictures) for £1.49 in Wilkinsons or can pick up a 30ml pot in Superdrug for £1.

This really is a great little product which has a lot of great properties. Dove is a really nice brand and I find their products to always be reliable. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and have definitely noticed how much fresher my skin looks. I apply it every night and every morning, but if you want to apply make-up after then give it a couple of minutes to set otherwise it can make your face look greasy.

Have you tried this product?
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