Clearasil Ultra Rapid Cleansing Lotion

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I never really used to have a skin-care regime until around a month ago. I'd always remove my make-up and slap a bit of moisturiser on now and again,  but nothing religious. I got to the stage where I felt my face had become a bit clogged up and it needed to breathe, so I went on a hunt to find the perfect cleanser. I didn't really know what properties to look for in a cleanser so I went for one that was cheap as well as being a well known drugstore brand. This Clearasil cleanser was £2.67 to be precise, and in my opinion it's been money very well spent. All you need to do is squeeze a small amount of it onto a cotton pad or two and wipe it across your face. I started using it every night after removing my make-up and was impressed on the first night of use. I've always expected Simple make-up wipes to completely remove my make-up as they're not the cheapest of brands - I was clearly mistaken. I was a little surprised at the make-up and dirt that came off on the cotton pad. It might sound a little gross but we're all girls here and our faces get just as dirty and greasy as any other part of our body, especially because we spend a large amount of the day touching it. Well I do anyway. I thought maybe this would be an occasional thing and put it down to having put a little more make-up on than usual that day. However, as I continued to use the cleanser night after night, the cotton pads still had excess make-up on them. This was obviously great for my new-found clean skin, but not so great that I hadn't been using it beforehand. I really like this product as it leaves me feeling refreshed and content knowing that my face has been thoroughly cleansed. Not only that, but it also leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. It doesn't prevent spots altogether, because that isn't its purpose, but I have noticed that it hasn't caused any breakouts. After four weeks of using this product daily I've only used about half of the bottle which proves what a steal it is, both money and outcome wise. If you're after a nice cheap cleanser to keep your face feeling fresh then I'd certainly recommend this one. Just a little tip though - put the cleanser on the cotton pad sparingly because if you put too much on your eyes start to sting as the product is very acidic.

Have you tried this cleanser? What one do you use?

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