Broadchurch Finale

Monday, 22 April 2013

I have been a Broadchurch fan since the first episode aired eight weeks ago, and I have to say I was completely blown away by the finale this evening. If you haven't watched it, then I'm sure you've seen it dominating your news feed or Twitter feed every Monday night without fail. If you live on Mars and have somehow escaped the Broadchurch hype and therefore don't know who the killer is, then you should definitely watch it. If you do know who the killer is, then blame Twitter. Still, you should watch it just to see how well executed it is and how seamlessly the story unfolds.

To give you a general overview, the ITV drama is based around the death of an 11-year-old boy called Danny Latimer. I recently blogged about my top 5 favourite TV programmes and this was one of them. I mentioned in the post that the entire cast didn't know who the killer was until the seventh episode which I feel gave the programme a real sense of truth and emotion. The public went round in circles trying to work out who killed Danny, but everyone seemed suspicious in one way or another. Tonight's finale saw the first moment where the audience knew for certain. Although some suspected the guilty character in last weeks episode, the events that are relayed via flashbacks shocked everybody. I'm not going to give it away incase you do want to watch it - but although people may have suspected the killer correctly, the events which led to Danny's death weren't expected by anybody.

I'm a drama lover because they represent reality. As much 'rubbish' I watch on TV for light entertainment, I much prefer a gripping drama, and Broadchurch proved to be just that. Every Monday I would actually be excited to watch it. Sad, maybe. But great for ITV. One thing I must point out is the excellence of the cast who should be very proud of their performances. Olivia Colman especially, as her performance in tonight's episode was flawless, and actually quite emotional. I don't tend to cry at the TV but I found myself tearing up. The one thing I always desperately hope for when watching TV series is for a good ending. The most infuriating and disappointing thing is being presented with a shoddy ending that was clearly written in a matter of minutes purely to bring the programme to a halt. With Broadchurch, you could tell that the writer and producer thoroughly thought of every aspect of the final episode in detail, and that was cleverly portayed onto the screen.

I'll be very surprised if Broadchurch doesn't receive a BAFTA as I think many others will agree with me when I say it's hands down one of the best programmes I've watched. I'll be keeping an eye out to see if it will eventually return to our screens.

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