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Saturday, 23 March 2013

I'm sure a hell of a lot of students across the country will agree with me when I say the next loan can't come soon enough. Although I have just about enough money to last me until April 8th, my willpower is being tested by the thought of a massive spring shopping spree constantly at the back of my mind. I went to town yesterday to grab a few essentials, and even though Hemel only provides a small selection of shops which I would never recommend anyone to visit, I was amazed at the amount of items I saw in the high street stores that I desperately wanted.

Now, being a clothes hoarder (I have so many clothes that I never wear, or get bored of after two weeks), this could be down to one of three things. Being a student means I always struggle with not being able to afford clothes, which probably makes me want them even more. Not only this, but my wardrobe is full of winter clothes. Even though it's snowing as we speak, the sun is bound to creep out at some point within the next few months, so I want a few new spring pieces ready to wear. Or, it may be down to the fact that a girl can never, ever, have too many clothes.

Okay I admit it, it's probably a combination of all three, but a few pieces caught my eye as I was browsing the shops yesterday which I can't wait to be able to buy. When my loan comes through in a couple of weeks I'm going to take a small chunk and treat myself to a clothes fund. I thought I'd share a few of my must have items with you because you never know, you might like them as much as I do.

The skirt looks much nicer in the flesh. Its cute grey burnout animal print pattern is very subtle and the colours are perfect for spring if you don't want anything too bright. I have a beige crop top from Topshop that would look great with this skirt. River Island products are well fitting, so at a bargain price of £20, you can't really go wrong.

I have a slight obsession for crop tops and I always nearly end up buying them. White is the perfect colour for spring and this crop top is brightened up by a black and flower print love transfer which breaks it up a little bit. I'd team this with a pair of denim shorts, or jeans depending on how warm it is - a nice simple outfit which sets you up nicely for spring.

What did I say, eh, I really do love a crop top. Although this one is black, it's really casual which I love. There's nothing better than chucking on a cropped tee with a pair of jeans and converse. If the day isn't as bright then it won't matter that it's black because it's perfect for those unpredictable days of weather to come.

You'll learn from these posts that I have certain clothes obsessions and one of them is jeans. Everyone who knows me, knows I am a jeans girl. I have about 8 pairs at the moment and never hesitate to add another pair to my collection. I always go for skinny styles because my legs are slim and I'm not fussy with colours either. These acid wash jeggings are basically a super soft comfortable jean great for everyday wear. Love them.

I love this playsuit - the black and white geometric print is perfect for spring. I like playsuits for those spring and summer days because I don't have to worry about any awkward gusts of winds as the shorts at the bottom will protect me. This is a really cheap piece from River Island at £20 which I'm surprised at, but this is a definite must have.

Lips in Nevada by Topshop is a lipstick that I'd really like to try. I've heard they resemble the quality of MAC lipsticks so I want to start by trying a light nude colour. I do like a good lip product and if I manage to get my hands on one of these then I'm sure I'll end up collecting even more lipsticks. This colour will be great for the day time because it's such a neutral colour/

All the pieces above are from River Island (apart from the Topshop lipstick) as it's the only shop I properly looked in yesterday simply because I was drawn to various items just from walking past. I've grown to love River Island and their collection, because they're great for essentials and always have cute bits and pieces in store. Hopefully I'll be able to gradually introduce all of these pieces into my wardrobe.

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