Shirt Shock

Sunday, 31 March 2013

I have a small confession...I'm slightly afraid of shirts. I've never been able to pull off the whole collar thing, and have always been envious of those who can rock the button up look. I always see the prettiest shirts in the shops but am instantly put off buying them because in my mind, I've already decided it won't suit me. This has probably stemmed from one shirt not suiting me, and instead of a process of trial and error, it's escalated into an anti-shirt fiasco. Well, I'm pleased to say that phase is over because I have well and truly been converted into a button up lover.

I wanted to start buying a few shirts because I have work experience arranged in June and wanted to buy some bits which are fashionable, yet smart. I saw a black and white striped shirt in the Next sale for £12 and was drawn to it. I threw myself into the deep end and bought it before I could even deliberate over whether it would suit me or not, and to my surprise, it looked good. It's the perfect little shirt to tuck into a high waisted skirt or wear with black skinny jeans. I even wore it with leggings and heels to my mum's birthday meal at the weekend.

Now I've introduced a shirt into my wardrobe I feel more confident wearing them and will definitely be adding a few more to my collection. I can't guarantee they'll be on par with my love for skinny jeans and crop tops, but I'll give them a good go. The great thing about chiffon shirts are that you can wear them casually, but can also smarten them up within a matter of minutes. Now I've conquered my fear of shirts, I wonder whether I'll branch out and purchase a bowler hat which I've wanted for forever, but can't quite pluck up the courage to buy?

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