Review Practice: Derek

Friday, 22 February 2013

For those of you who read this I've told you about my Monday's at uni which are the practical days. The Monday just gone we started practising reviews for our next assessment. We had to watch an episode of the new Channel 4 programme Derek. Here's mine...

The dry humour of episode three presents viewers with a comical yet sentimental representation of life in a care home.

The Channel 4 comedy drama Derek features a care home worker called Derek cleverly played by funny man Ricky Gervais who could easily be mistaken for a resident if you haven't watched the previous episodes.

Gervais wrote, directed and produced all episodes so it's no surprise that they follow in the footsteps of the humorous nature of some of his previous work like The Office.

Karl Pilkington also stars in the show and has previously worked alongside Ricky Gervais in which his role of Dougie does nothing but compliment his hilarious nature.

The fragmented structure does leave you a bit miffed as to whether the tone is meant to be humorous or serious as you witness scenes where Gervais licks a toad contrasted with a scene of resident Marge passing away.

This doesn't however take away the brilliance of the parts which are funny and the emotion felt when the episode sensitively touches upon the daily happenings of life in a care home.

Parts of the half hour episode present you with awkward silences which seem like improvisation rather than script.

This mixed with a crude sexual nature and inappropriate humour which make you feel slightly uncomfortable is a must see for dedicated Gervais fans.

It flits from one extreme emotion to the other but all in all is entertaining and an easy watch on a Wednesday night at 10pm.

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