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Thursday, 14 March 2013

My life would be a lot more pleasant if I could turn Jeremy Kyle into a desktop item and place him in the trash can.

No Regrets.

Jeremy Kyle  manages to creep on my TV screen of a morning only to ridicule the degenerates who think it's acceptable to give their kids drugs and beat up their wives.

Granted - it's despicable.

I remember the time when Facebook always seemed to be a competition of who could upload a picture of the ugliest guest, which worked wonders for my ego.

But who better to take the moral high ground and lecture the scum of society other than an ex alcoholic and ex gambler with an affair and two divorces under his belt. Huh?

You could pin it down to him wanting to reform himself, or you could just see him for the patronising hypocrite that he is.

What is amusing though are the greasy haired low lives who are three teeth short of a full set putting their best 'Abercrombie and Snitch' tracksuits for all to see - they clearly don't understand the purpose of a shower.

The only time I could ever qualify for a position on the show was when I was a child and my sister went through a phase of telling me I was adopted.

Lie detector that, Jezza.

I don't know if the nation will ever learn to 'put something on the end of it', but I'd like to put an end to his career.

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