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Monday, 25 March 2013

I was lucky enough to purchase a gorgeous playsuit earlier. Well, when I say I, I mean that instead of getting an easter egg, my parents gave me the option of money instead, which I accepted. If you read my wishlist from Saturday, then you'll know I was eager to buy some pieces for my spring/summer wardrobe, and today, I got the ball rolling. In my post, one of the items I had my eye on was a River Island black and white geometric print playsuit, and I've ended up getting the same playsuit, but the black tribal print version instead.

Now this was purely a coincidence that I stumbled across it. I initially went into River Island to buy the grey animal print skirt that was at the top of my wishlist post, however my size was out of stock which meant my eyes immediately scanned the store for an alternative. This is my problem you see - I am impatient. Any regular person would try a different store or check in a couple of days time, but no, not me. If I go out with the intention of buying something, I need to come home with something.

I didn't happen to come across the geometric print playsuit when looking round River Island, but I did notice the tribal print one which I have to say looks miles better on the hanger than on the website. You know when you see something and immediately know that you want it? It was one of those moments. The detail on the playsuit is so pretty and particular, and the tribal print and bright colours turn a dull playsuit into a statement one. If the price had been any higher I would have seriously deliberated over buying it, but at £20 I couldn't resist, or should I say my dad's credit card couldn't resist.

What I love about this playsuit is that it's a statement piece. At a first look you'd pair it with sandals for the summer, but it can be worn in so many different ways. The summer day time attire is of course the most obvious, but it can be worn on a night out with a pair of black heels, or can even be teamed with black tights and a blazer for a smarter look, which I'm counting on for my work experience in June. You don't have to fuss over accessories and jewellery because the playsuit is busy enough to be worn on its own.

I am happy to say that I can tick one of the five things off my wishlist - four to go.

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