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Sunday, 17 March 2013

One of my favourite things to do of an evening is get all cosy in bed and watch the TV all night with a cup of tea and a packet of biscuits. As ancient as it sounds, I probably would class watching TV as one of my hobbies, I'm a TV addict. I always have about 12 programmes on the go at once and am forever spending time on BBC iPlayer or 4od catching up on everything that I've missed. I've decided to dip into my life a little bit and tell you my top 5 favourite programmes that are on TV at the moment. These aren't in any particular order as I am incapable of deciding which is my favourite!

The Syndicate

Although this series only starts tonight, I watched series 1 last year. The general scope of the programme is a bunch of average Joe's who have formed a syndicate which is pretty much a lottery club to put it simply. You can only guess what happens next, they win the lottery, but obviously there are twists and turns along the way which grip you as you start to learn about their lives.

The Crash

The Crash is a two part drama which recently aired on BBC 3. A friend told me about it so I decided to give it a go. It features the main character Kate who comes back home from uni for Christmas. Kate and her friends decide to go to the pub and surprise surprise - they crash. Over the two episodes you witness how those left behind, both family and friends deal with their losses. It's one of those sentimental and emotional programmes which sets the tear ducts on fire.


Revenge is now on its second series, but I'm not gonna lie I've already watched the episodes that have aired in America on the internet - that's how good it is. The series revolves around a girl named Amanda Clarke who has swapped identities with a friend who is now known as Emily Thorne. She sets out to clear her fathers name after the Grayson family stitched him up and got him murdered in prison. It's complicated in places so requires your full attention, but the perfect programme for all you drama lovers.


Broadchurch is a new ITV drama which is three episodes in. It's based on a young boy who is found dead in which a full investigation is launched. As the evidence is collected and suspects are interviewed, you begin to try and work it out yourself. What I like about this series is that apparently none of the cast knew who the killer was until the seventh episode. I always look forward to watching this on a Monday night and am excited for the next instalment so I can get my detective head on again.

Geordie Shore

Yes, it's gross. Yes, they're embarrassing. Yes, you pity the fools who aspire to be like them. But, it's so damn addictive. I can't help but look forward to Vicky's one liners, Charlotte and Gaz's will they won't they love hate relationship and seeing Holly work her way round the entire house every week. It's light hearted entertainment which is hard not to love because each episode is thoroughly entertaining. If you don't have MTV as a student then catch up weekly on Sidereel.

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