Cara Delevingne

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Written for DENT. publication

Cara Delevingne - an eyebrow and drum lover so her Twitter says. But what is it that makes her such a prominent figure in the fashion world today? It is most probably her figure, funnily enough. Her slender frame is envied by many, not to mention her long, blonde hair. It's almost a cliché isn't it, a skinny blonde, although quite clearly she's a living reality.

Who else can say they're the 'wifey' of Rita Ora and have dated Harry Styles. Even if her fling with the ladies man is a rumour, it's one she will probably be more than happy to accept. But it's not just that we're jealous of, her grandfather is the publisher of Queen magazine which is definitely something to shout about. But let's forget all the fancy names and ask ourselves how she managed to storm the fashion scene in such a short space of time.

One of her earliest appearances was in H&M's authentic collection in 2011 and she has since gone on to feature in advertising campaigns for Dominic Jones Jewellery, Zara, Chanel and Burberry. She was then named model of the year in 2012 at the British Fashion Awards for her contribution to the international fashion scene over the past year, but boy she didn't stop there.

Her perfectly structured face won her centre stage as she became the face of Burberry's spring/summer campaign in 2012 and is currently the face of their beauty campaign. Whether you love or hate her, nothing has proven to be an obstacle for Cara as she has become the model of the moment and is in high demand with fashion houses, designers and high street brands.

Clearly catwalk material, she has strutted her stuff for brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Stella McCartney, not to mention being a catwalk model at the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show. It's clear Cara passed the fashion scene with flying colours last year, and this year has proven to be no different for the British model whose whirlwind success is set to continue.

Her features have simply worked in her favour as she is now the face of Chanel's Resort 2013 campaign and this year is sure to bring even bigger things for the blonde haired beauty. You might question why we should be so bothered by 'another model' who is showcasing clothes that look good on a 'skinny' person. But why shouldn't we? An English girl with a passion for fashion making a success of herself in such a short space of time. Fair play to her.

She's clearly the it girl of the moment as you can't flick through a glossy magazine without seeing her face plastered over a full page spread. She's certainly living in Kate Moss' shadow and giving her a run for her (lots of) money, so let's be proud of British models. Despite whether we're disgruntlef at the fact that we'll never be able to pull off the casual chic look, we should love her for rocking it.

So let's stop sucking the lemon, let go of the bitterness, and instead worship the ground she walks on because let's face it... she's bloody gorgeous.

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