Benefit BAD Gal Black Waterproof Eye Liner

Friday, 15 March 2013

Benefit isn't a brand that I get to treat myself to regularly, it's more of a luxury. My mum kindly bought me one at the beginning of university because Benefit is known to be a high quality brand. I'm the sort of person who likes to focus on my eyes when getting ready for a night out, so a decent eye liner was essential. I can hands down tell you that this is the best eye liner I have ever used, and boy I have been through a fair few of them. I've tried Avon, Rimmel, Maybeline, you name it, but have always found that it would either smudge or begin to rub off quickly meaning that I would need to keep reapplying throughout the day which is such a hassle.

BADgal waterproof eye liner doesn't have any of these nasty qualities and is simply a wonderful product. On one end you have the liner, and on the other you have a smudge brush if you desire that smokey eye effect. Some eye liners are very faint and require you to almost colour the top or bottom eyelid in order for it to be visible, but this one provides a smooth bold line. Application is easy as the eye liner slides effortlessly along the upper lid and also sits nicely on the bottom inner eye.

Another thing I praise Benefit for with this eye liner is durability. I can go to uni and not sigh at the fact my eye liner has worn off and looks like it's been on since the night before, and all the same can go on a night out and not have to take my eye liner out in order to reapply. It really is a genius product. What's more is the fact that it lasts an incredibly long time. With a normal high street brand eye liner I would normally go through one every two months, however this eye liner has lasted me a solid 5 months. By 5 months, I mean 5 months of day in day out application.

Your jaw might drop when I reveal that the price of this product is £14, but due to the fact that I simply cannot fault it, it's most definitely worth every penny. Personally, I can justify spending that little bit extra on a piece of make up if it's something that I use on a regular basis and is of very high quality. If you manage to find a better eye liner than this, then feel free to inform me, but somehow I think this will stay at the top of my 'to buy' list.

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