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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I thought I'd focus on something a little more light-hearted in this post and talk about something that I like to do. I've always been a lover of musicals and theatre productions. I might have only ever been to see Grease, but nonetheless I'd love to go and see them all, especially Dirty Dancing, The Lion King and Legally Blonde. I live in Hemel Hempstead which is about half an hour away from London on the train, but there's still something special about travelling to the West End just to see a theatre production - it's exciting.

The latest event on my social calendar that I have planned is to go and see a live production of the 2003 book The Kite Runner. It's showing at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall which is ideal as it's less than a five minute walk away from where I live at university. It's not going to have the wow factor like London does because it's a much smaller production, but the atmosphere and the experience will still be exciting.

I read this book while studying for my English Lit A Level as it was one of the books I read for my coursework. The gritty nature of the book immediately captured my attention and I encountered several of those 'I don't want to put this down' moments. The story revolves around Amir and Hassan who are best friends, and throughout the book you learn about the situations they have to tackle and how their friendship is tested. I don't want to give a complete summary as it will spoil the book, but I'd highly recommend giving it a read.

So, back to the theatre production. I saw the tickets on the royal concert hall website and immediately wanted to go. Luckily, my two course friends Abby and Georgia also studied the same book for A Level English and were as enthusiastic as me about going. Tickets were a real bargain at only £8 each for row G seats which should provide us with a good view. We're going to see the production at 7.45 on Wednesday May 1st so although this is over a month away, it's most definitely something to look forward to.

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