Review: I Give It A Year

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Stephen Merchant showcased what NOT to say during a best man's speech in the new romantic comedy I Give It A Year.

Alongside Merchant who plays Danny, the film features Nat (Rose Byrne) who starred in Bridesmaids, Josh (Rafe Spall) who wrote Life of Pi and Scary Movie actress Anna Faris (Chloe).

The film is written and directed by Borat's Dan Mazer. If you pair him with the producers of Love Actually and Bridget Jones' Diary it comes as no surprise that the bar was set incredibly high.

Meet Nat and Josh - a young couple completely besotted with one another, that is until they tie the knot and discover the challenges of married life. You could say the marriage was jinxed from day one when funny man Merchant delivers an inappropriate, yet hilarious speech.

He informs the wedding party that he needs to stick to tradition and sleep with a  bridesmaid. Cue the camera shot to two young bridesmaids who are clearly still in primary school. He fails to lighten the mood by adding that he'll probably sleep with them when they're older. Smooth.

Josh on the other hand starts to regain feelings for old flame Chloe while Nat laps up the flattery and charm presented by her client Guy. This is when the penny drops that the once loved up couple are struggling to deal with married life as their commitment is tested by desire and temptation.

Not only this, but the audience couldn't contain their laughter when Nat and Josh receive a digital photo frame from Nat's parents. A slideshow of honeymoon pictures turned into every child and mother's worst nightmare when sexual pictures of the couple quite literally spring onto the screen, to which Josh lightly lifts the mood by explaining "that's doggy".

As you watch the film unfold it does have predictable ending but this doesn't take away the sincere hilarity of the film. The 97 minutes of unstoppable humour includes strong language, sex and sexual references which is suitable for those aged 15 and above. Despite the slightly cheesy nature, enough comedy is provided to smooth over the cracks.

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