MAC Matte Ruby Woo Review

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I've played around with shades of red in the past and have grown to like them, but I have never managed to get my hands on the exact bold and striking shade I've been hoping to discover. This is where MAC saved the day. It was recently my birthday and a few of the girls in my flat got me a MAC voucher which I was more than pleased with. I'm a very girly girl when it comes to getting dressed up - I like to take my time when applying my make up and I like to have quality brands which I save for nights out. With the voucher in hand I took it upon myself to purchase a new lipstick.

When entering the MAC shop in Nottingham there were nearly as many shades to choose from as there are on the website. The sticks are neatly arranged into categories so it's easy to locate what type of lipstick you want. I was certain I wanted a red lipstick and insisted on choosing a matte one as I'm not overly keen on a glossy or shimmery finish when it comes to the colour red. I've struggled with these properties of cheaper lipsticks in the past so was adamant to purchase a statement matte red. In the matte section there were about three different shades of red to choose between - an intensely bright red, an orangey red, and a deep but warm red. I decided on the latter.

With a black dress in mind for my birthday celebrations I intended to pair this with my new red lipstick. On application it slid smoothly across my lips with the assistance of the angled edge. There was no need to reapply a second coat due to the dense nature of the lipstick, which is a great quality. The red really suited my dark hair colour and slightly tanned skin (fake tan of course!) and was I was incredibly satisfied with the outcome. One of the main concerns I have with lipsticks is durability, I didn't want to be having to pop to the ladies every half hour to reapply lipstick onto my faded lips. Not only this, but when it comes to red everyone knows that it's the worst for leaving stains on your face. I didn't want to see any embarrassing pictures of myself with red lipstick smeared over my cheeks from being slightly intoxicated and carelessly wiping my hand over my face. And indeed, MAC allowed me to avoid both of these situations. To my advantage, it somehow lasted all night and there was not a smudge of red to be seen other than on my lips. Hoorah!

It's safe to say that I will never purchase a different brand of red lipstick. I have found a colour which not only suits me, but is long lasting and affordable. You may not think £14 is affordable, but for me, it beats spending £5 on a few different lipsticks each month when you come to realise that you don't like the shade or that it fades after the first sip of your drink. Like I said in my last post, pop into the MAC shop and get them to test a few colours that take your fancy on you, this way you can avoid disappointment and be 100% happy with your purchase. Quality lipsticks are definitely worth both the search and the spend.

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