'It's Not You, It's Me'

Friday, 8 February 2013

Infamous break up explanation, right?  But is there anything more insulting? It's not enough of a kick in the teeth that somebody breaks up with you, but to use a cop out excuse like that is just below the belt. I'm not speaking from experience, but from what my friend has told me. I'm always listening to endless tales from friends about boyfriend troubles and dilemmas, and it seems that I'm the agony aunt figure. Truth be told I learn a lot from my mother - she's a very wise woman.

What I can't comprehend though is why males in general, I know there's always an exception to the rule so I'm not branding all men as useless, but why most males are incapable of being honest, considerate, kind and just...human? It seems that once a female is brought into the equation their mind begins to work ten to the dozen and they become unable to function and act like a decent human being. The amount of girls who cry themselves to sleep and stop eating to the point of starvation because they just can't shake that sadness and feeling of destruction is way too common.

Men think they can flit between girls, sleep with who they want, insult you, control you, then sleep with you again, insult you some more, get back with their ex and then want to be 'friends' Uh, hell no. It doesn't quite work like that. These men need to take some advice from the minority who actually have respect for their girlfriends. So guys, here is a simple yet achievable step by step guide on how to treat a lady. This doesn't mean extravagant meals out and gifts... you just need to be nice!!!

1) Treat her with respect
2) Compliment her occasionally
3) Don't lie...about anything!
4) Make her feel special
5) Stick to the plans you make with her
6) Make some effort...we like that!
7) Be affectionate - not all the time we don't want an overhaul of pda's but when it's appropriate
8) Make her laugh (it's a bit of a plus)
9) Be thoughtful
10) Don't badmouth her to your mates

This is practically a dummies guide on what to do...albeit most of it common sense, but if you follow this then you'll find yourself not so much of a pathetic excuse of a man any more. And of course in return, you will receive the same treatment. Simple.

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