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Sunday, 17 February 2013

I always sigh when it comes to filling out forms which ask for your interests. Sure, I like socialising, spending time with my friends and boyfriend, but if I seriously put 'chill nights and clubbing' when filling out my details, then my application would immediately get screwed up and thrown in the bin. I've always been a little envious of how boys can go out and play football for hours on end or sit on an X Box for the entire night and not get bored. Girls generally get bored more than boys do, and this for me is due to not having a hobby. I'm a massive TV fan and do love a good book but they always look like cliché interests to make yourself sound intellectual (well the reading one anyway). I have to admit that I always cringe a little when I write them down, but I may have found a solution because this weekend I have realised what my hidden hobby is.

I love baking. I always used to bake at home with my mum from a young age, even if it was just packet cupcake mix, but as I got older I started baking by following recipes. There was a stage where I baked non-stop and then that kind of just fizzled out, but lately I've reignited the flame and have become an avid baker again. I've always been the designated cake baker for family birthdays because I do make a mean sponge, but it's not as if I bake every weekend and go and sell cupcakes on a stall like a girl guide.

The Great British Bake Off is one of my favourite programmes, but mostly I just get jealous. I can make a good cake, but I can guarantee that if it got put to the test, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry wouldn't award me the title of star baker. I'm sure to have overworked the dough or over-baked the sponge. Boo. This doesn't take away how much I enjoy it though. I find it very therapeutic spending a couple of hours following a recipe and keeping an eye on the oven to see how well my sponge has risen. Not to mention the satisfaction of people enjoying your finished product.

This weekend was my dad's birthday and I made his favourite - a Victoria sponge. There's something so classic about the cake - jam, butter cream and a dusting of icing sugar was a nice change to making a tacky jelly tot topped sponge cake with my little cousin. To cater for everyone, 11 people to be precise, I also made a batch of brownies which I received endless compliments for. I'm a massive brownie fan and I'm not gonna lie - they were insanely tasty.

So now I've discovered something that I really enjoy I guess I can add it to my CV hobbies. Not everyone will put baking as an interest so I guess it's good to be a little bit different. I can't say I'll be baking on a weekly basis from now on because ingredients are pretty costly, but I'll definitely try a new recipe every now and again. I guess this post just skims over the fact that I've realised hobbies don't necessarily have to be dancing or rugby  It's great if they are, but some people hold different talents that we just need to discover over time.

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