Column Practice: Coach Journey

Monday, 25 February 2013

For part of my next assessment we have to write a personal column, so we were given a chance to practice these on Monday. We were told to make them diverse enough to reach a wide readership and to include personal anecdotes to make them interesting. After travelling back from Leeds the day before, I decided to dedicate my personal column to my horrific coach journey. Here goes...

The guaranteed nap and stress free promise is what persuades us to let National Express do all the hard work while we sit back, relax and laugh at the expense of others who don't think we can see them picking their noise in their cars.

Or so you would think.

There's nothing more satisfying than queuing up ten minutes early to bag the window seat and sneakily place your bag on the seat beside you to steer other passengers away.

This method didn't quite work for me. A very smiley Chinese guy proceeded down the aisle and sat beside me. Here we go.

I admitted defeat until he brushed my leg with his foot and didn't quite know how to say sorry in English. Slightly uncomfortable. I hope he wasn't expecting me to slip my number into his pocket.

Instead of getting the seat to myself when he got off at his stop, it was more like a round of Take Me Out when he was immediately replaced with another passenger.

This time it was a rather large lady with a small baby. I had no problem with the baby sitting on her lap - bonding and all that.

It wasn't until she made herself comfortable and took up half of my seat as well as her own that I started to become agitated.

I'm sure the tickets weren't buy one get one free, so please stick to your own seat as I don't particularly want to cuddle.

Do you?

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