Change Happens Gradually

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Most people associate change with a new hair colour, moving house, redecorating or something equally as insignificant. These things can be monumental and can also test you - but what I find most fascinating is a little closer to home. The changes you see within people are interesting, especially when you witness that change over a period of time. I think change is harder to accept when that person becomes somebody that you once knew. Those who change rarely realise themselves their cycle of self development in which they become somebody else. Whether this is because they are too wrapped up in their own lives to see who they have become, or whether they persist that they are the same person, there's always a reason.

Change is inevitable. From childhood through to adulthood we are all bound to change in more ways than one. An individual may become wiser or more mature, but change isn't always as positive as it could be. I believe that change always stems from somebody else, changes people make are often because they are following in the footsteps of others or because they are trying to prove themselves. In negative situations the more you try and tell the person that they have changed, the more defensive they become which is probably because they don't want to admit it.

When people change and better themselves by actively enhancing their quality of life and opportunities then I respect them. However, when change moulds people into someone barely recognisable, it's ugly. Anger and frustration passes and sadness creeps in - sadness that you once considered this person as a friend and disappointment that they felt very little of your friendship they that didn't fight to hold onto it. I guess change teaches us to appreciate the things we have because we never know when they might go. Old friends leave so we can make new ones but true friends will always be by our sides. I'm not sad or reminiscent or angry anymore, just thankful that I know not to waste my time with certain people any longer. Positive change only happens to the best of us.

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