Thursday, 7 February 2013

Since I came back to uni at the beginning of January I have been up to my ears in deadlines. I know that's what uni is all about, meeting deadlines, managing your time and being responsible, but it is nice to take a step back and just relax. I had 4 deadlines between January 18th and February 6th all for different modules so I'm sure you can imagine it was a bit of a struggle to try and juggle them all. I was conscious of dedicating a sufficient amount of time to each module to ensure each piece of work was of a high standard. But somehow, I managed it. Metaphorical pat on the back.

Luckily, we were given 2 project weeks from Monday 28th January - Friday 8th February in order to focus on our assignments. While we had it drilled into us 'this is not a time for you to go home and leave all your work to the last minute', guess what most people did? I'm guilty on one part because I did go home, but only for a few days for an early birthday weekend (top excuse!), seeing as I was on schedule with everything I wasn't too worried about falling behind. I completed all my work and although some of it didn't run as smoothly as I imagined,  it all got submitted on time and I hope, fingers crossed, that all the hard work pays off.

So like I said, the last deadline was on the 6th which was yesterday, and boy have I enjoyed doing absolutely nothing today! I woke up at 11, watched a few episodes of Revenge (a programme I am thoroughly addicted to which I will be blogging about), and I've spent the rest of the day browsing the internet, blogging and watching the soaps - bliss. I can now enjoy this lifestyle for a further three days until uni starts back up on Monday. Well it was fun while it lasted, roll on Easter!

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