RAG: Escape And Evade

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

You're probably looking at the title of this post wondering what on earth it means. Let me explain.

I've always wanted to do charity work, I'd love to do a 6 week summer camp over in Africa helping build a school or something similar. As crazy or ambitious as it may sound, I think it would be one of those experiences I would never forget, and I think I'd gain a massive sense of pride. Apart from looking impressive on my CV, I'd have the opportunity to gain life skills and begin to understand how people come from completely different walks of life. Unfortunately, these once in a lifetime experiences cost money. Fundraising or not there is still upfront costs which, living on a student loan, I just can't afford right now.

This is where Escape and Evade comes into the equation. I saw the event posted on Facebook and was intrigued by the description so I decided to do some research. Escape and Evade is an event run by Nottingham Trent University though the raising and giving organisation RAG. The event is in aid of three charities: Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA), The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) and Operation Orphan in which you have to raise a minimum of £100 to take part. This fundraising target is achievable and it sets a good benchmark for other charity events I may fundraise for in the future. The registration fee was £5 so it posed as an incredibly cheap alternative compared to the charity schemes which would put me out of pocket.

Besides the fact that I would be contributing towards raising money for funding and research for these charities by partaking in the event, the thing that struck me most was the amount of fun that could be had with it. The Escape and Evade Challenge entails my three team mates and I seeing how for away we can get from Nottingham and back in 52 hours without spending a penny on transport. You got it, this means we have to hitch-hike, jump on buses, trains, coaches etc in a race for time to see where we can end up - all for free. Previous teams have reached the borders of Italy, and we aim to get to Spain (fingers crossed). It'll be such an achievement to reach an overseas destination, not to mention the mini holiday we'll get if we make a speedy trip!

I've heard that it's meant to be good fun and the teams always tend to come back with endless hilarious stories to tell from their travels. The event starts at 11am on Friday 1st March and we have to return to the Students Union at 5pm on Sunday 3rd March. I'll be sure to blog throughout the journey if I manage to preserve my phone battery, but if not I'll definitely have a long post for you when I get back! If you'd like to donate then please follow the link below. Wish me luck!


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