News Production Task: Drunk Cyclist

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Drunk cyclist Darren Ingham crashed into a student nurse on a bicycle at 20mph leaving her brain damaged.

A court heard today that after Jane Nicholls, a 33-year-old nurse, was hit by the bike while window shopping, she had a fit, was frothing at the mouth and later lapsed into a coma.

The defendant, 31, who had drunk a litre of fortified wine could have ended Miss Nicholls' nursing career after she suffered a fractured skull and brain damage from the incident.

Ingham, of Prince Charles Avenue, Salford, has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment after being charged with bodily harm.

Neil Fryman, of the prosecution revealed that the bicycle ridden by Ingham was travelling at more than 20mph and nearly hit other shoppers.

Her memory and speech have been affected, she has a limited attention span and she can neither drive nor cycle because of damaged nerves which has resulted in her being unable to return to training.

The judge, Brian Lewis, of Manchester Crown Court, told Ingham that he had been drinking heavily so it must have been apparent that he was putting himself and others in danger.

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