News Production Task: CCTV Cameras

Monday, 17 December 2012

CCTV cameras reach a high of 120 which go live on Friday in a bid to clamp down on crime.

Gradham is the most recent town in the Oveston district to benefit from the system where cameras will go live at the end of the week following final testing.

In a bid to reduce time, ten cameras have been strategically placed in the town centre.

Anti-social behaviour or crime will alert staff in the control room at Trinity House and will be used alongside the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system, which can instantly detect any stolen vehicle, or one with no tax disc.

Four of these cameras will have night-time capability, which is the first in the district to clearly recognise number plates when cars are travelling at speed.

Increased levels of drug dealing in the town centre has caused great concern to the police and these cameras will help reduce violence, especially at weekends and bring increased security to the area.

The new system will play a beneficial role in reassuring residents and shoppers about safety in the town.

Councillor Gus Mithelmore of Oveston Council said: "We want people to be confident their welfare is being looked after."

During the day the cameras can alert control room staff of shoplifters, and at night they can detect lone females and ensure safety.

Residents should not fear intrusion on their private lives as the cameras are being used to solely to deter and detect culprits and are an important step forward for community safety.

Not only will they help track down criminals and spot accidents, they trigger an immediate response from the Council's Neighbourhood Patrollers who can act on information in seconds.

Chief Superintendent Francis Collison of Oveston Police said: "We expect the rate of arrest in Gradham to go up as a result of the new cameras."

This can only be seen as a positive step towards the safety of residents and the reputation of Gradham.

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