MAC Creemsheen Speed Dial Review

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I never really venture into the colour palette when considering lip-wear  I've always stuck to a light pink for when I go out of an evening, but that was beginning to become repetitive and tiresome so I decided to start a search for a new lip colour. I had some Christmas money left over so I decided to purchase a quality lipstick over a budget one to see if I could find a lipstick I really loved. I've always liked the idea of MAC make-up and apart from having the blusher, which I'll review at a later date, MAC has always been a bit out of the question because of the price. On a student budget, expensive make-up isn't really feasible.

Pinks tend to suit my skin tone but with over 150 shades to choose from on the MAC website, I scrolled through the pinks and chose one which I liked the look of. Internet shopping especially when it comes to make-up can be risky as some colours are infact deceiving, so I would suggest going into the store where the make up artists can test the products out on you to find your perfect match. The colour that I went for is called Speed Dial, I wouldn't say the name really works hand in hand with the colour, but I guess it's quite quirky.

I tend to wear nude lips or lipglosses throughout the day and stick to lipsticks for an evening look so the next night out I went on, I took to my MAC lipstick in full force and tried it out. The angled edge of the product allows the lipstick to slide effortlessly along the lips reaching every corner and the cupids bow, ensuring even coverage. The creamy texture is soft and light on your lips which is favourable as some lipsticks have slightly sticky properties to them. The pink is a very warm tone which compliments my skin, and the slight shimmer to the lipstick eliminates the need for gloss on top.

The Creemsheen Speed Dial lipstick is very hydrating and didn't dry out my lips which is a key aspect that I look for when purchasing a lipstick. At quite a steep price of £14 it's well worth the money if you want to treat yourself because you can apply generously without worrying about having to buy another one the following week. There's a colour for every occasion and every skin tone therefore you'll be spoilt for choice when deciding on what colour you want to purchase. You will definitely receive the key aspects of quality lipstick when purchasing this high end brand and I recommend this lipstick as it's easily the best brand I've ever used.

(Bottom right - Me wearing the lipstick)

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