Failing High Street Stores

Thursday, 17 January 2013

So it came to light a couple of days ago that HMV has gone into administration, but has it really come as that much of a shock? With the digitalisation of music and an increasing number of consumers downloading their music and films illegally or watching them via internet platforms such as Netflix and iTunes, we only have ourselves to blame. You can buy an album for the best part of £2 on iTunes, and watch unlimited movies for around £5.99 a month on Netflix, so who would choose an expensive trip to HMV to buy the new batman film?

In the current economic climate the cheaper option heavily outweighs the more traditional approach of a hard copy in terms of value for money and practicality. However, it is sad to lose such a huge music store which has been prominent on our high streets for the last 92 years. With the collapse of Comet, Jessops and now HMV, Blockbuster is the latest high street store to announce that they too have gone into administration. I just wonder whether shops will be an ancient pastime in years to come, or whether they will outlive the incredible development of technology and the various platforms that come with it.

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